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What gun is on your list next

I was wondering if you woke up today and decided to go buy another gun what would be your next one? If I went out I would go and look at another Kimber. I am torn between the Raptor and the Aegis Elite Pro.
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Funny you should ask. Because I was just deciding to order a Micro 9CDPLG. I carry my Sig 938 AG a lot. But I really like the rounded, melded treatment on the slide and the Crimson trace laser grip's on the Kimber. I just hope that if I trade my Sig that the Kimber will be just as reliable. Being retired and on a fixed income the trade would be necessary plus having to throw a whole bunch of cash on top of that to get the Kimber. My long-term goal, if I win the lottery, would be to get the Classic Carry Pro.
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I would have to buy another safe first before I bought another gun 🤣 But if I did it would probably be a Full Size Raptor or a Sig piston driven AR Pistol with a folding brace. (No buffer tube, can be fired with brace folded)
I could add a couple more but those are the top two.
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Just this past week I found a like new Solo at a LGS at a good price. While I don’t like striker fired guns it is a Kimber and maybe, perhaps,possibly, a chance it will become collectible. So I think I’ll run by and pick it up, my first 9mm.
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A 4 inch super carry, possibly the hd if it could be found.
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Good question, and one I've pondered lately.

Now that I added a Kimber Aegis Elite Custom to the collection, and now being really impressed with the new-to-me concept of the MRDS (Mini Red Dot Sight), I'm now considering the Aegis Elite Pro, as having the same pistol in the 4" Commander size really seems like the next 'logical' choice.

At least that's what I'm telling wifey!

(Question: Can a fellow really have too many 1911's?)
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I have 2 guns in mind but I would only buy one at this time. The first is the Aegis Elite Pro 9 and the other is a Springfield Range Officer Elite Champion 9mm. I like them both but haven’t seen either one in person. Seeing them in person could be a game changer. They are both in the price range of what I want to spend on a 9mm 1911.
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I would live to get a Webley.
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Kimber List Is Short

My short and long Kimber list is pretty much complete.

Probably: Undecided between Benelli Montefeltro Silver or Ethos Engraved Nickel .12ga shotgun.

Possible: Colt Wiley Clapp Stainless .45acp or Ruger SR1911 all Stainless Commander .45acp.

Maybe: Kimber Classic Carry Elite *if price is right? *no longer in production.!

Always On The Alert: Any Pre Lock Smith & Wesson revolver, any caliber, any Model, any barrel length, purchase could happen in the blink of an eye.

Slim: Kimber Micro RCP (LG) .380 just on list not likely to be purchased.

Would Consider: One of the new round butt Pro size models with red dot optic if it is ever offered with a (TS) threaded for suppression barrel.
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