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Went through CCW training a week or so ago and thought I would relate what the trainer, a 3rd generation policeman, and trainer of SWAT teams, said about my Kimber sitting in front of me.

Of the dozen people taking the class, some of us brought our own to use during the shooting part of the training. In class, all magazines were required to be empty (ammo left in our cars) AND magazines not in the guns, too.

He had numerous guns there for people to use if they did not have their own, and these were also to be used in class during his teaching, as we identified various things about guns and how to chamber a round, etc., during the 8 hour class. He had Rugers there, Heckler & Koch, Sig Sauer, just no Glocks due to some bad ethics on Glock's part back some decades ago which he told us about.

Anyways, when he came by me seat, he lifted my handgun in the air and said to the class "This is by far, the best gun of all". People thought he was talking about 1911's, and he said, I'm referring to KIMBER. He went onto say that of all the manufacturers out there Kimber's quality totally outshines the competition. He mentioned a few gun parts of it, including the smooth like butter pull of the trigger, and said that for an assembly line manufacturer, Kimber is tops with quality you don't see unless you have custom work done.

He then looked at me and said, "You paid about $1100 for this", and I replied "$1300". {my bad for buying from Cabelas which does not negotiate on prices like a private store}

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Congratulations on taking your CCW class, it sounds like your instructor really knew his guns. Illinois was just recently forced to allow CC but the earliest we'll be able to get licensed is projected to be mid 2014 and estimated to cost around $350.00.

What model Kimber did you use to qualify?

Don't beat yourself up for buying from Cabela's, I bought my last Kimber there. My local Cabela's usually has twice as many Kimbers in stock as any of my LGS even the one that is a "Master Dealer". While they do charge MSRP they don't inflate the prices when demand goes up. One of the big advantages I found with them is they can check the inventory of every store in the chain.
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CCW classes

Sounds like your instructor starts his class the same as I do. Choosing the right carry gun is very important. As I go around the class, we talk about the pros and cons of each pistol in the room.
New Mexico just got our licensing 10 years ago, and the prices back in 03 were anywhere from $300 - $500 per class. I've always charged around $100 for our 2-day course. As the rush and novelty were off, so will the price.
My main carry gun is an Ultra. The 1911 in .45 is the best.
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We, next door to you, have not a clue as to why anybody would remain in Illinois (we feel for you!). So while your legislature will appear to submit to the Supreme Court ruling, they are going to make it so costly and difficult, that Individual rights are still subverted. Not to mention your gas prices are $.45 higher a gallon than ours, and your property taxes are twice as outrageous! Arghhhh!

The cost by trainers in Missouri range from $75 to $150 (mine was $100), and the cost to the State to process your application and run the nationwide background check (after showing certification of training) is $76.

I ended up using his 22's for the shooting part (semi-auto, and revolver) for lazy reasons, rather than my Pro Crimson Carry II (4" barrel version that I added Tritium sights to, as well).

Interestingly enough, he said that going to an indoor shooting range has a number of drawbacks not the least is the learning of bad habits that people fall into during a real life threatening situation. By habit people under duress will behave the same way as they did when at the range which can get you killed. (You don't have time to lay your gun down in front of you, then begin to go through the motions of reloading while at a range.) He emphasized movement, and learning how to shoot while moving, the necessity of how to reload quickly (a chief reason against revolvers for carrying, even speed loaders are way slower than magazines). He stressed to us, and made us recite "I am going to further my training beyond today!" He said if this is the only training you are going to do for CCW, I won't train you today. I mean it. I will teach you the legal basics, but you must further your learning!"

Indoor gun range rules will not allow you to holster your gun, which fosters bad habits. You need to learn how to draw and shoot quickly, while in movement.

We saw a couple of real videos showing real shooting situations that had been caught on cam, and he told the class "This is graphic and so let me know if any of you don't want to see this. Be warned." We all wanted to see.

Well, one video from Chicago, was used to illustrate how Hollywood movies destroy common sense understanding (okay, perhaps it is not common sense, but we needed learn the following). The Hollywood idea that a 12-gauge or a 44 Magnum, will clean blow a person off the ground and lift him out of the air against a wall full of blood splatter, or as Dirty Harry movie states "take your head clean off", is all false. He said, "What is one of the laws of physics? Every force has an equal and opposite reaction, thus, if it were true that a shot gun would send the victim backwards 15 feet lifting him off the ground, what would have to happen to the guy shooting? Exactly.

In the Chicago video, 3 rival gangs had a shootout and were going against the leader of one rival gang in particular. Video (no sound) shows people running because they heard gun shots. Next, one guy runs into the entry way of what looks like a bus station, followed immediately by two other guys, who are just filling the guys with gun shots. Blood starts smearing on the floor as the victim is trying to fight with the guy closest to him. The gun gets knocked out of his hands, and the 2nd shooter's gun runs out of ammo so he picked up the gun on the tile floor, and when he has clear shot, unloads the rest of the rounds into the victim. He was still struggling to live. He had 18 rounds put into him. The moral was that "You need to understand that the single shot to your assailant, falling down dying, with a pool of blood under him in 2 seconds, is all Hollywood. The human body wants to live, blood almost never runs out of gun holes (the flesh closes up over the wound), and the body organs move around as the body struggles to live. (This was part of the training where he said, "Use the largest round you are comfortable with, and then try to go one size larger to see if you can. If you cannot then fine.) All to demonstrate what reality may be like.

Another showed a guy shot 33 times before he was dead. No video, but we had to accept the police story that the guy was firing back at policemen and did not stop until 33 rounds finally ended him. The gun shot wounds were all over his upper torso and parts of his face. Moral: Don't count on just being able to defend yourself with just a shot or two. Do carry extra magazines.

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Thanks for sharing information,your information increase my knowledge.Your information very helpful for me.
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Originally Posted by antonissamaras View Post
Thanks for sharing information,your information increase my knowledge.Your information very helpful for me.
You're welcome. I thought the stuff I shared was important due to the fact that it goes against typical beliefs fostered by our watching too much TV and "incredible" films made for the Wow! factor.
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