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Question To shoot or not to shoot

After many years of drooling on the gun store counter I've finally purchased my first Kimber, Ultra Raptor II. I love it...but so far all I've done is stare at it and take it in and out of the gun safe. My dilemma now is to carry/shoot it or not. I consider it an investment gun, one that I will pass down to my son. Keeping it in brand new/never fired condition is tempting since I have waited to purchase one for so long but that also seems like a waste. Like finally getting the Corvette I've always wanted and never driving it. Opinions? Do any of you purchase just for investment pieces and never fire them?
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Personally, I would fire it for a few reasons:

1) Because its fun and would be a waste not to.
2) To ensure if functions properly and if not can have it fixed under warranty.
3) See number 1

I would not carry it however, I would fire it, clean it, maintain it, fire it some more, but keep it in the safe. Carrying it will run the risk of wear and tear from holstering, as well as if you ever had to use it to defend yourself, my understanding is the police would take it as evidence.
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Forgive me for being blunt and crass here: Not shooting your gun to keep it in nice shape for someone else is like not having sex with your girlfriend/wife to keep her a virgin for the next guy.
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shoot it......
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Welcome to the forum from northern Illinois cheezfryz. I think you would be making a big mistake not shooting your new Raptor. You have to know that who ever inherits the gun is going to shoot it, so why deprive yourself? Enough Raptors have been produced that I doubt they will ever appreciate in value. Now, how about stopping by our "New Member Introduction" sub forum and introducing yourself to the membership?
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First I dig your screen name! Second, welcome to the site from Tennessee.
THIRD: Guns are made for SHOOTIN' !!

Even guns I've bought thinking investment have been Fired.

For my 60th birthday I bought myself a Kimber Gold Combat Limited Edition, the day after I picked it up from my FFL my Father passed away "on" my birthday so this pistol is very special to me. Besides the fact I paid almost $2,000 for it. I take it to the range every chance I get and take extra special care of it, no holsters, not just thrown in the bed of the truck. I agree with Chuck, Kimber has sold a boat load of Raptor's so I doubt they will ever be a collector piece, but I do have two different Raptors so we can only hope.

I cherish the old Winchester Model 12 shotgun that my mother bought for my Dad no long after they were married. Why? Because I know he used that shotgun to put food on the table and because it has special history, patina. Both my parents are in Heaven now.

If I was your son I would want to inherit from you your most used and loved firearm. So take very good care of your Raptor but shoot the hell out of it, then gift it to your Son. It would be a Sin not to fire that pistol. IMO

I didn't just stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night...this is the voice of experience talking!
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If I own a revolver, pistol, rifle or shotgun, it's gonna get SHOT period! As has already been said (quite eloquently), it defeats the purpose of the thing to NOT shoot it!

Also, once you've had the pleasure of shooting it, every time you take it out of the safe, memories of pleasurable range times will come to you. Not shooting it is just owning an inanimate object with no memories attached whatever.

We all cherish memories, right? You deserve your own.
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Welcome from Northeast, Pa. Congratulations on your Ultra Raptor. I say shoot that pistol. There are to many Raptors out there to ever make money on one and your son can restore the Raptor his father left him.
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Welcome from another Piedmont dweller.

And yeah, shoot it. And carry it if you want to.
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Welcome Cheezfryz! There are only a few unforgivable sins. Water in your whiskey. Turkey "bacon". Not shooting any of your firearms whenever you want. If you don't want to shoot it, why buy it? I have several guns that are special, will never be sold and will be passed down to my sons. Even those are for shooting.
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