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Exclamation Kimber owner wantabe - Ultra CDP II - 9 or 45 ?

I am new to Kimber and this sight. I am planning on purchasing a Ultra CDP II - My dilemma is - do I get a 9mm or a 45 ? I definitely want to get CT grips. I realize that in order to get these on a 9mm - I have to buy the Ultra CDP II in 9mm, then order a bobbed safety, and the grips, and then have a gunsmith install the safety. I know if I get the 45, I can just buy the Ultra CDP II (LG). I already have two 9's - and one 45 -a full size 1911. I will probably use this as my primary carry. I would appreciate any comments or recommendations. Tks in advance for your help
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Welcome to the forum from northern Illinois El Gringo. The Ultra CDP II is a nice gun, I happen to own one. Since you already own both a 9mm and a .45 there's not much that I can tell you about them. As for the CT lasergrip I personally don't care for them, I gave the one gun I had with the CT grip to my son. He didn't like it either but being a little smarter then his old man he simply took them off of the gun.
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Welcome from Texas. .45 man!!
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Welcome to KT.

As you know, 9mm is cheaper to shoot, if you are a frequent range visiter. Personally I like .45 because I think it's fun to shoot, but you know that. So it comes down to personal choice. My Ultra in .45 is a sweet shooter (Super Carry Ultra HD ... all steel)
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I would say .45 also, I own many 9mm handguns but none of them are 1911s. Had one at one time, although not a Kimber a Springfield Armory EMP. Did not care for it, after about a thousand rounds fired with it I sold it. For now on all my 1911s will remain 45 ACP.
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El Gringo, welcome to the site from Tennessee. Chuck and I like a LOT of the same things, however unlike Chuck I like Crimson Trace grips, I have three Kimber's that have them, I have some Kimbers that don't. I feel under certain circumstances they could give you an edge, I see the green laser best. I rely on night sights.
I am and always have been a .45acp man myself, it is my EDC, SHTF, home defense caliber. My 9mm are mostly for range time fun and practice.
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Welcome to the forum from Cardinal Nation..

A few months ago I would have said to go with the 9mm since that what I carried for years..

After buying a UC Raptor I couldn't be happier to have a 45 on my hip and as far as the CT grips, I tried them on my girlfriends UC TLE and I didn't hate them but didn't like them either..

That's a choice that the individual gun owner has to make..Ya can't go wrong either way...IMO
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45 is the way to go.
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45 makes a bigger hole!!
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