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The Best Gun Kimber Ever Made.......

In your opinion what do you think is the best gun Kimber ever made/makes, past or present.

I have a number of Kimbers, early models, classics, custom shop, etc. IMHO the Tactical was the best gun to ever come down the Kimber pipe line. It has almost every possible feature Kimber has ever offered on their various guns except for one, the holy grail that they won't sell without a gun attached to it, night sights with a cocking shoulder all combined into one gun.

This is only what I think but I'd really be interested in hearing your opinion on this subject.

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My personal favorite is the Eclipse line but there’s been so many great models over the years it’s hard to choose just one.
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Hmm, tough choice. Up till about a year ago I would probably have said the CDP line, I think my choices have changed. As far as a complete model line I'll say Super Carry, with the Super Carry Ultra+ as a favorite and the single best Kimber made IMO is the old school Classic Carry Pro with Bone grips.
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Raptor series is my Vote. Polished stainless with wood grips. Classy look.
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Originally Posted by Mini Me View Post
Raptor series is my Vote. Polished stainless with wood grips. Classy look.
I have to agree with you. I definitely see everyone elseís point. Those lines are some of the best out there but they are also discontinued and Iím sure it has to do with sales. The Raptor keeps selling, itís always a fan favorite and people want new variations in black and SS.

I really wish Kimber was still selling the Tactical Pro and I would love a SC Pro HD. I know they are out there but the prices are too high.

How many would like to see a Raptor SS or black with a round butt ?
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In my opinion any Kimber with a trigger be it rifle or pistol. maybe a shotgun line (wishful thinking) but if I have to pick my classic custom still makes my liver quiver...
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Thats tough, cdp, raptor, super carry hd. The supper carry hd is what Im missing,but Ive been looking.
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I agree with Mini Me & JC 45..... Raptor Series
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I only have one Kimber so I'll nominate it. Hero Custom II.
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