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Other fourm interest

Wondering if anyone else participates on other fourms for 1911's? I noticed after a few lurks that there were quite a few of them out there but many had posts from a while ago and not too much traffic.

Any suggestions as far as other sites for info etc? Trying to gather some info on next purchase.

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I’m a member at 1911addicts, but they are a mix of “build” guys or or attracted to Dan Wesson and up moneywise. There’s an occasional Kimber discussion. Lots of interesting $1500- $5000 pistols there, with an active classified section. They’re mostly out of my league moneywise, but interesting to watch. Fun bunch though...lots of gunsmiths and retailer sponsors.
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Wait what? you mean there are other forums other than this one???? . who knew?
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There are a couple-1911forum.com-1911pistols forum-and as stated 1911Addicts.
I frequent 2 of them and also here-a person can never have too much 1911 knowledge
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I'm on a prepper forum, but that might be "short term." I went there to learn something, then two trolls showed up, and there's far too much talk about politics.
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Not me, I like it here.
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Nope i'm good right here.. they don't have Chuck...
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I agree. I even like the color of this forum.

To replace him, the owners would have to give Chuck a promotion and change the color scheme.

It's the same all over. Up Chuck and dye...
...No matter where you are it's enemy territory...
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There are a few forums I look at besides KT, this one is the best so spend most time on here.
I'm on 1911Addicts, as "2sharp2" post some on there. On 1911.Forum as 1Sharprdkg, mostly just read, something happened over there, I think they had a big fight and split the membership. On Smith and Wesson forum as "2sharp2" don't post much there because if you don't follow the Forum "LAWS" you will get a nasty email, you get points against you get vacations after so many. Also on a Colt Woodsman forum, Detonics pistol, Mopar forum, CVO Owners Group Harley group, probably a few more I can't think of at the moment.
I like Addicts pretty good and I tolerate S&W Forum because they both allow buying and selling on there site.
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Kimber is a dirty word over on 1911addicts. If it isn’t a colt, Wesson, Wilson or Baer it’s just an over priced paperweight.
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