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New Micro 9 with an issue!

Hi Everyone I'm new to the forum and new to Kimber although I am not new to firearms.
I'm looking for some opinions and advice regarding my Micro 9.
It's about two weeks old. The first time I shot it I put 50 rounds through it and the gun ran flawlessly.
The second time I was about 30 rounds through a box when the gun became just about impossible to rack.
With the slide in the closed position, empty chamber and mag-well, safety off, I inserted a 7round magazine. At that point it would not rack.
I happened to be at my dealer when this occurred, He couldn't rack it either but discovered if he engaged the safety, he could force the slide to rack.
Also it would rack if the slide was open and a fresh Mag was installed.
I called Kimber CS and explained. They wanted to see the gun so I sent it to them. I also asked if they could install an ambidextrous safety while they were inspecting it. No problem.
So today I received a call from Kimber telling me that they couldn't find a problem and that all Micro 9's are tough to rack.
I forgot to mention to them that the first 50 rounds were smooth as silk. My bad.
Anyway I tried to tell them it was not just hard, it was impossible to rack
They proceeded to instruct me not to use my fingertips but use a firm grip to rack! What a hoot.
Bottom line they are sending the gun back to me.
Has anyone heard of or experienced this issue with a Micro 9?
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