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Question 1911 carry question ??

Anyone reading my threads/posts is aware that I just entered the world of 1911's.

I've got a question about carrying the 1911. Do some people carry a round in the chamber and the hammer at 1/2 cock? I know at 1/2 cock the safety can't be engaged but I know a couple people who carry like that.

From a drop safety standpoint, does it matter if it is a series 70 or a series 80?

While I have you on the phone, I've been told from a few people that series 70 triggers are better than 80's, smoother, lighter, and better over all. Is this true? Thanks for helping the dummy to learn.

Jim D
SE Texas
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I carry in condition 1.
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Ditto to what Tihsepa said: cocked & locked, cond 1. Regarding 70 vs 80...that poor dead horse continues to get a beating. Have had both, prefer simplicity of 70, but I really have no reason to hate 80. I see very little difference in the trigger-feel.
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BCD 45, never carry at half cock, ever!
Please read all the instructions you received with your gun before you do anything with it and follow them. The half cock is another safety feature of the 1911 design in that if the gun is ever dropped and the hammer should fall, highly unlikely, the hammer will fall only to the half cock position and the gun will not discharge. The 1911 was designed to be carried in Condition1, a round in the chamber, the hammer back and the thumb safety engaged and its perfectly safe that way. Most of us here all carry in Condition 1 and have for years.

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This is on page 40 of the manual.

“Hammer safety notch (half cock position) The hammer safety notch is a recess in the
hammer which prevents it from traveling fully forward in the event of primary sear notch failure. It also prevents the hammer from contacting
the firing pin if fingers slip from the slide or hammer while cocking the firearm if the hammer has moved past the stop. The safety notch is
not, however, a manual safety. Do not, under any circumstance, use the safety notch as a safety”.
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As John already pointed out read your owners manual. The gun was designed to be carried in condition 1, (cocked and locked with a round in the chamber). I have Kimbers with and without a firing pin safety and I've never noticed a difference in their triggers.
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In the "Description of the Automatic Pistol, Caliber .45, Model of 1911," published in April 1912 by the United States Ordinance Department, the following important point is listed:


I wasn't born in the early 1900's, but this is how I understand that it went down. The Model 1905 was first submitted to the government, to compete against Savage's pistol. There were no safeties at all on the 1905. The gun would have to be carried with an empty chamber, or the hammer at half-cock. After firing the gun, the hammer would have to be lowered back to half-cock before it was reholstered. After the first trials, the government requested a safety device.
Browning redesigned the gun with a grip safety, and the Model 1907 was born. The grip safety worked fine, but in subsequent trials, the calvary insisted on a thumb safety. Browning went back to the drawing board, and the Model 1911 was rolled out with a grip safety and a thumb safety.

The original design could NOT have been intended to be carried cocked and locked, because there WERE no safeties. But even after the government changes were implemented, they expressly cautioned AGAINST carrying the gun cocked and locked.

With all that said, I usually carry a 1911 style gun in Condition 1. Under special circumstances, I might go Israeli style, but that's not common.

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Cocked and locked.
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All this type of nonsense is why I only carry guns with the following manual of arms.... Squeeze trigger gun goes bang.
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Wingnut, Chuck,

I have read the owner's manual as I do with all my guns and this is my reason for asking. In the manual they recommend not even loading until your ready to shoot. And a warning in the beginning of the manual: "Never carry a loaded gun while walking, running, climbing a fence, etc, etc, etc." Basically they are saying to never carry it loaded. Well what good would a gun like that be? That's the reason for asking. I know that they're just trying to cover their six. Thanks,

Jim D
SE Texas
"Have you ever been in a gun fight? There's no bragging rights for second place."

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