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Impressions S&W Shield .45

Anyone own one of these? Looking hard at it for my EDC. My PC II is pretty comfortable but it is not exactly stealthy under the shirt. I carry OWB only because I HATE IWB. So if you can share your impression of the Shield because you have one.... I thank you in advance!
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I've got the S&W shield in 9mm, compared to UC II .45 I find it to be a bit more bulky. The .45 shield may be a bit slimmer than the 9 mm.
I would say if don't like carrying the UC you probably won't like the shield.
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I'll ditto the comments about the 9mm Shield.

If possible, find someone with one and shoot a .45 ACP shield before the purchase. That would help with your choice.
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I have a Shield .45, and there is nothing negative to say about it. My pistol is accurate, reliable and controllable.

The ergonomics are good for me and the recoil is less than you might expect in a small polymer gun. It is more of a push back into your palm.

The .45 was the first Shield that came out with the "improved" trigger, and for me, the trigger is no distraction, and I don't have to pay any attention to it, which is a good thing.

It is easy to carry under appropriate clothing, but it is definitely not a pocket pistol. I have confidence in carrying it.
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My EDC is a Shield 9, which is fantastic. I have multiple holsters for it depending on what my day will be like, IWB and OWB, usually OWB (Aliengear, Aegis custom, Blackhawk Serpis, a few more). I love the Shield so much that when the .45 came out I immediately rented one to try it out. It is bigger in every measurement, but so close you wouldn't likely know if they weren't side by side. The recoil is surprisingly soft, it almost feels like shooting the 9mm, which is surprising because the .40 Shield is snappy as hell and IMO, awful to shoot. Regardless, if the .45 had been available when I got my 9mm, I absolutely would have gotten it instead. In fact, if I hadn't put significant money into hot rodding my 9mm I would have traded it in for the .45, but I'm too invested in my ol' Shield 9 to part with it. A friend of mine has the Shield 45 as his EDC and loves it too. I have no idea what a PC II or UC II is. That's all. Carry on.
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Make sure you get a version 2.0, there are a lot of the original series still on the market.
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If interested in a SW Shield 9 mm, first model, PSA is advertising them for $249.00. I have both the SW Shield 9 & 45 like both.
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I have a MP 2.0 compact 9mm 4" barrel, there's also a 4.25" and a 3.6" options. Mine has never had a failure, a trustworthy pistol for sure.
I believe the internal workings of the Shield series are similar so you'd probably be happy dependability wise. They do offer a Performance Center version with a ported barrel and slide as well a night sights, nice looking little pistol.
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I have the Shield in 9mm. It's been very reliable but it's too heavy and bulky for concealed carry...for me. For reference, I find the P365 to be the perfect carry gun and sometimes carry a tiny LCP2.
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I have the Shield 9, very comfy to carry, OWB, I think it is more comfy to carry over my UC but my Kimbers come first! If the Shield 45 was avail in CA, I would own one for sure
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