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Originally Posted by BCD 45 View Post
. I just wish that they would fix known problems before concentrating on more sales. Man they are pretty but as you know they're not cheap and shouldn't be allowed to leave the factory as such.

Jim D
Hey Jim,

There's an easy answer to this. Simply list the 1911 manufactures who have an array of such good looking or more attractive 1911s than Kimber, are of equal or better quality than Kimber, don't leave the factory with as many problems as Kimbers, and are priced the same or lower than Kimber. Once ya got that list, problem solved!
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I am the armorer at a local indoor range and firearm rentals-we have around 100 different firearms a person can rent to try before the buy-I have only 2 phone numbers on speed dial and neither are Kimber.
I bought 2 brand new Ruger New Model Blackhawks-one in .357 mag and the other in .41 mag-of the 2-one could go back to Ruger due to the basepin jumping during recoil-I am not sending it in because I can fix the problem myself.
That is a 50% failure rate in my book.I have 4 kimbers-a Ruger SR1911-a Springfield Armory EMP4-non of which has had to go anywhere but the range.
So as a person can see it's unfair to label one manufacturer as being consistantly faulty.
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Originally Posted by 2sharp2 View Post
IMO the Micro9's have been designed and marketed to the 20,30,40 something's that feel they need a pistol but more than likely won't bother to learn how to shoot it or properly carry it. They won't practice with it and probably not carry it and therefore have it when it is needed. It will maybe be carried a little and shot none. The people that are shooting them are finding the finish coming off, chambers to tight/short to feed even ball ammo, the damn front fiber sights flying off.
That's the dirty little secret for most gun sales.
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Saw brother in law's micro 380 and was sold on the nice trigger and great appearance. Bought first Kimber, a micro 9 and it is pretty. Ran great for 70 rounds 115 gr Blazer fmj then started to experience ftf due to mag dropout. Checked grip to make sure I wasn't on the release. Shot 150 rounds total with several more drops. Had range officer (leo) fire the gun with same result. Took her home, cleaned, lubed and inspected & noticed a slight radius forming on the mag catch. Back to the range for 100 rounds Winchester 115 gr fmj white box & 25 rounds Hornady 115 gr FTX with occasional mag drops with both. Sent to Kimber where they replaced the barrel, mag catch & spring and recoil spring. Nice CS with return in 11 days! First check after return showed the Crimson Trace laser no longer worked. Removed grips to check batteries and found the o-rings under screw heads: missing on one, doubled on second, torn on third & jambed into the threads on forth. Bats tested good but replaced anyway and wiring checked out but no laser. Gun was a bit dirty from Kimber's test firing 4 - 7 round mags. Cleaned, lubed then back to the range with Blazer ammo with mag drop no problem until 90 rounds in. A new problem began with the slide closing to battery when firmly inserting freshly loaded mags. This began on the 3rd mag fired. Only easing the mag in keeps the slide locked back. 150 rounds total then back home for clean & lube. Noticed the fiber from the front sight fell out and was found in the case. A bulb was formed on one end of the fiber but not the other. Another visit to Kimber where they performed the following repairs: recoil spring, laser grips, ejector, firing pin block spring, firing pin block, front sight, slide stop spring, ejector & sear spring, slide stop, magazine catch & spring, test fired 4 - 7 round mags. Great CS again, shipped on Thursday, returned on Wednesday. Range session proved the laser was fixed, the fiber fell out of the sight again while shooting, 190 rounds Blazer 115 gr fmj, slide still falls when inserting mags and a couple of ftf. I guess I can live with the slide closing & I can put a new fiber in the sight knowing that it won't fall out. Not crazy about the feed failures but I'll hit the range again to better assess this issue. A edc gun needs to be reliable. The joke around here is that at least it's a pretty gun!
Obviously Kimber has quality issues. I stumbled across reviews from Kimber employees, past and present on and they are disturbing for sure. Hard to imagine they can assemble a gun that expels a projectile with the reported goings on in that place. Since my wife needs a new gun and is partial to Sig Sauer, I checked their employee reviews on Indeed. The reviews are far worse than Kimber's! Is it company management? Is it the economy? With the low unemployment rate in this country, it is extremely difficult to find quality employees and keep the ones that you do have.
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Welcome to the forum Prettygun, how about stopping by our "New Member Introduction" sub forum and introducing yourself to the membership?
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An interesting note touched on here that I had not thought about much until lately. I shoot my carry guns, a LOT, and it is surprising how much I learn in the process, and yes a few repairs/updates are needed as a result.

I had a Sig P938, shockingly similar to the Micro 9, and had lots of trouble with it. Broken seven times in 18 months, I finally dumped it. Yet lots of guys think they are great. I shot mine a lot, and it's true colors came out. I will not buy the current craze P365 for the same reason, I am certain I would shoot it right into being problematic.

I have shot the snot out of my Pro Carry II also, yet it's never been broken, and I have enjoyed making some of the upgrade tweaks that are so easy and fun to do with a 1911. The Kimpro finish on the slide already looks pretty bad but I don't care, I bought it to shoot and carry, and I do. It was always intended to be a workhorse and it fills that role well.
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Seems like I replied to this a month or two ago...

Anyway... "Failing" from what point? Is the quality of their 1911 platform failing compared to 20 years ago? I haven't seen or heard griping about their 1911 line anymore than usual, or significantly more than the competition. However, Kimber has done their reputation no favors as they have wandered away from the 1911.

The Solo was a disaster and the Micro has generated what seems to be excessive negative feedback. The EVO better be a home run.
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I have two Kimbers (and one enroute). My first is from the late 90s and is a Classic Stainless, 5”. It was,and still is the best functioning, most accurate out of the box pistol I’ve ever owned, and it looks new after 1000 rounds or so. My Micro 9 is a two tone basic model, and other than the slide finish, which Kimber fixed in a about week, door to door, I’ve had no issues. However, I’m a 70 something that has probably shot 10000 rounds, not counting Army time, lots of it in the last 10 years since I retired and have more time to shoot.

Am I crazy about the Micro 9, no...but I love its size and accuracy, and carry it about 75% of the time. I also bought a Ruger Lightweight Commander, which is a damn fine shooter, but a little large to carry in the summer here. Frankly, I chose it over Kimber because it was easier to get my hands on and cheaper than the Kimber Pro models.

Recently, I traveled the better part of two days to sell some safe queen revolvers, and handle officer/ ultra size 1911s with the goal of buying one, once I did some research. I came down to Colt and Kimber. I bought Kimber. It’ll be here by Wednesday, and I will break it down, scrub it out, get to know it, and then head to the range with a few hundred rounds of ball and some HSTs. I have faith that it will work fine, and either way, i’ll post.

The point of my jabbering here is that Kimber makes as good a 1911 as anybody in the $900 to 1200 nib price range. I have many pistols of any brands for an old guy, and am on lots of other brand forums. All of them have people on the “problem bandwagon”, but I own many of the pistols they can’t get to work.

It makes me wonder, am I just lucky, or is it that I know how to read an owner’s manual and know my way around pistols? I think Kimber is the same as many manufacturers... they turn out lemons once in a while, but most are better than good or they’d go out of business. I do wish they stuck to 1911s though.
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Dan Wesson's are close to Kimber price and in some cases cheaper. I'm sure Kimber sells many more than DW but have you ever looked at the quality of a DW? I just wish Kimber would put quality out in front of sales.

I think a lot of people have taken me wrong about Kimber's, I like them or I wouldn't have spent money on one. But also some people are hard headed (not implying any one person) and don't want to admit to Kimber's failures.

I'm like many guys, I believe Kimber should stick with the original 1911 and concentrate on making it better.

I know you've read about people sending their Kimber's back for repairs, some as many as 4 times and CS takes care of it or will replace it for them. How much do you think this costs Kimber? I think that they could use that money to put in more quality. That's my 2 cents worth. Now I'll take my licks and let Chuck and others chew on me.

Jim D
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Originally Posted by BCD 45 View Post
[I]First of all I don't believe "everything" I read on the internet. That being said, all the negative vibes on the Kimber Micro and solo can't be all exaggerations. I like and wanted a Micro until I started reviewing them and over half of the reviews someone had something go wrong with their Micro.</i>
Hey Jim,

I was never around RVs until I worked for a year as a Service Writer at an RV dealership. (Holiday Rambler, very big, very highly respected, quality/luxury RV MFG.) My "impression" -- of ALL RVs -- is still, even though I KNOW it's not correct, that: "MAN! RVs are fussy finicky children who need a LOT of repair and maintenance and are ALWAYS breaking down!! WHY would anyone WANT one?!"

Well, duh. {self-directed eye roll} That was cause almost every single one I would see was ... you know ... coming INTO A REPAIR DEPARTMENT for repair and maintenance and to have broken things fixed. The UNBROKEN ones -- the ones that ran perfectly and worked 'out of the box' (or after we fixed 'em?) -- never needed fussing with, so they never came in, so I NEVER SAW THEM!!

It is always the case, that folks who HAVE trouble (with anything: read any product- or service-related or company-comment website.) not only try to get it fixed, but ask about it and complain about it. Then, those who aren't willing to fix the not-that-many glitches or problems that slip through (reasonably understandable glitches! writes the precision instrument manufacturer here!), (and also understandably) start bad-mouthing the thing wherever they go. And sometimes the reports are warranted! The Kimber Solo for instance! And yet even THAT gun has many hundreds (thousands?) of very happy owners who love that gun and have never had a problem!)

So. The caveat, always, in 'group reviews' -- wherever you read them -- is: the folks who HAD a problem make a lot of noise. The folks who don't have problems don't bother to write happy reports. Even if you read, what, 200 or 300 'bad' reports or complaints -- that's out of how many thousands of that product or gun that were sold? And how many of those bad reports (and we have them here at KT) are USUALLY NOT followed by: "sent it to the Mother Ship; here's what they did -- now it's perfect" Mostly, our guys report back -- either "it's now a great gun/my EDC" -- OR "Kimber still didn't get it, I'm selling it on!"

And, to finish off my coffee-fueled lecture let me analogize to the MG (or the Jaguar or earlier Harleys). Yes, a guy would buy an MG and spend as much time fussing with it to get it to RUN as he did actually screaming down the road with the top down! Lots of folks didn't understand: "sell it and get a dependable Toyota, fer cryin' out loud!" But the guys who bought one-such and kept it, lived by the motto:

Yes, it's high maintenance, but it's ALSO high performance!

Even IF a Kimber has glitches, those of us who stick it out KNOW that once we've run it through a longer, deeper, harder (fussier!) break-in, and maybe even had to send it back it the Mother Ship... ONCE it's all broken in and ready: we have a VERY high performance, delightful to 'drive,' piece of gear that serves and suits.

I have three? no, FOUR Micros now (three .380s, and a 9mm). (plus a 9mm Sapphire Pro (thanks Arland!!) and a CDP II in .45) LOVE them! Even if my precious Sapphire (only been to the range once; so barely shot) struggled with FTLs and FTEs... The first five? of which were caused by my first mag, which was the Hornady HPs out of MY EDC Micro (which eats them with delight!) and the new Sapphire Micro (apparently) "isn't quite ready for solid foods yet." And maybe it needed a bit more 'skin care lotion' (lube) than I gave it in its first 'bath.'

Am I even slightly disturbed? No. A bit annoyed (cause it's SO pretty!), but not even slightly surprised! We KNOW Kimbers are built especially tight! We KNOW we can't just pull 'em out of the box and start carrying! (Can you -- WOULD you do that with any gun? With a Shield or a P238? No. A Glock? -- maybe, but I wouldn't! )

So, I'm planning on redoing the 'skin care' and going back to the range several times. I won't even be disturbed if it takes a couple-five hundred more rounds to make the pretty thing happy. I'll whine if I do end up having to send it back for 'surgery' but I know once it's ... out of the high-maintenance phase ... it'll FOR SURE be high performance -- like my other Micros (Kimbers!)!

Yeah, I know guys.... another damned long lecture from Elenor... Get over it? I'm old, and sometimes smart!
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