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Exclamation Is Kimber quality failing?

First of all I don't believe "everything" I read on the internet. That being said, all the negative vibes on the Kimber Micro and solo can't be all exaggerations. I like and wanted a Micro until I started reviewing them and over half of the reviews someone had something go wrong with their Micro.

I know I'll be painted black for this comment but it seems Kimber is wanting to sell Micro's at a high premium price for actually a $300 pocket pistol regardless of how "cute" or pretty it is.

Not only that, but I've heard Kimber Talk members complaining about the finishes on other Kimber's chipping, wearing off, and basically just not a quality finish for such an expensive firearm. I don't know about you but when I pay $1000-$1500 for a firearm, I expect quality and a firearm that doesn't have to be returned to the factory several times no matter how great their CS is. IMO, the company with the best Customer Service is one that you don't have to use.

I like Kimber's or I wouldn't have just bought a Aegis Ultra and it probably won't be my last. But when you hear things like "This is the first Kimber I've ever owned and it will be the last I'll ever purchase" that can't be good and I've seen that plenty of times. I was in business and marketing 50 years and if 3 potential buyers read that and one buys something other than a Kimber because of it, that's a huge blow over time. And trust me, some will take that statement to heart and prevent a purchase.

My last thought. Everyone has their own opinion just like an ******* and this is mine. While beautiful, I think Kimber has tried to expand their line up of firearms too big and way too fast and in the process has let the quality of their firearms falter and that's a step towards disaster. I've looked at a few of Kimber's recently produced rifles and they are not even close to being as well made as the one's I've had 10+ years. Kimber needs to get things turned around and quit relying on their warranties and customer service to fix or replace some of the crap they are sending out.

Jim D
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Ruger, S&W, and Sig are all in that same boat these days BCD. I'm not sure that you can purchase any name brand that is up to the quality of 20 years ago!
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During the 'Barge Charge' I found knives that were almost perfect, and those that I had to set aside for repairs later. Clearly, some bevels were perfectly formed, other ones looked like kids did them.

There are lots of people working for Kimber. You're going to get a pistol "made on a Friday" some of the time. Just return the item for a reliability package.
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16 Kimbers in my safe and the only issue I have had is a full sized Raptor 9mm needed an extractor replaced. Of those 16 I have a Solo, two micro .380’s and a micro 9. I also own just as many other brand 1911’s so I’m not just a Kimber “Fanboy”. I don’t feel Kimbers quality is as bad as the rap people give them. Most internet posts are people who are having problems trying to get a resolution or people who are just “parakeeting” what their friend of a friend told them. Just my opinion.
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Been a Kimber fan since day one - when they moved to Yonkers and the Reps would bring 1911's to the range for us to let the public shoot. Out of the box they were far better than any Gold Cup.
They started to grow fast with to many models etc and the quality took a back seat.

Still going on today from personal experience with a number of pistols I have purchased in the last 3 years. Not good when you have to send them back even with the custom shop stuff.

They still make a nice piece but its a hit and miss type thing. One thing for sure they stand behind there products.
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IMHO, they are failing quality control. Don't get me wrong, I love my Kimbers, but some I simply would not trust. Especially at some of their price points. Yes, other brands have issues too. But lets look at the law of averages.

Simple scenario. When I lived in New Jermany, I barely drove unless I had to go to Home Depot or Lowes. So lets just say, I barely put on any miles on my truck and even now here in TN, my mileage is low for a 2016 left over.

OK, so lets see. A good percentage of the time, I'd be pist off within the first 1/4 mile from my home. By time I may reach the store, I'd be cursing out these idiot drivers. Rather than rant about idiot drivers, lets look at this. I use to be a field tech. Many hours on the road. I'd have to think, if the law of averages played their parts in the above scenario, I'd be in a rubber room by now. Just how much bs should I have to deal with if I got pist a majority time on the road?

----> Fast forward to Kimber.

Look at the active members of this forum. What you say, maybe a dozen or so? Like most things in life, most people will always leave bad reviews for a product when they feel slighted. Rarely good reviews when all is well. Seems to be the norm these days. (Look at Amazon product reviews as an example).

So you have to wonder about the amount of pain new and old users here that have bought Solos, Micros, etc... over time have had multiple bad products. Some sent back and forth several times till either it was fixed or replaced or even replaced with an entirely different model.
With those small odds, how many do you think are nation wide?
I can only bet many. Yea, yea, I know. They are massed produced. But Kimber is selling a premium product. Quite a few people on the outside hate Kimber. There are many products much cheaper, more stable and well dug in. This is why I won't settle for -just- Kimbers.
I would not buy a Solo, Micro or even their revolvers. Even the revolvers had their issues and frankly, it's hard to believe you can mess up a 1911 style pistol, but a revolver? Hardly any moving parts?

So that is my analogy. Hate me, throw pizza at me, fine. I'll supply the beer. But the law of averages pretty much pans out.
Kimbers should rarely fail. By ending a model line, they figured they messed up. Otherwise, they would not end them unless they were limited special editions.

Pist off driving. 80% ??? Blah. Bad averages. Same averages just in this forum on certain models. Blah...


John, aka BHunted
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I’m not just a Kimber “Fanboy”. I don’t feel Kimbers quality is as bad as the rap people give them. Most internet posts are people who are having problems trying to get a resolution or people who are just “parakeeting” what their friend of a friend told them. Just my opinion.[/QUOTE]

Exactaly I just love going to the range and watch the you tube cammandos spraying WD-40 on there 1911's and can't beleve they aren't functioning correctly. I think alot of the problem isn't quality control but not enough training for new shooters. and no I'm not saying there's a perfect manufacturer out there. or Dan Wesson and Ed brown would not have a customer service to call. just saying
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Thank you John.

That was a point I was trying to make. For Kimber's reputation and price it certainly should rarely have to be sent back. But some of these people have to send them back so much that Kimber just offers them a new gun. That's sad and if it keeps up, it's going to give Kimber a bad reputation no matter how big they are.

The condition I am in and can't drive, it's a PITA to have to package something and return it especially if it's multiple times. Again, I'm not bashing & trashing Kimber but I'm 67 years old and have probably had 50+ quality pistols from Glock on up, mostly HK's & Sig's, and unless there was a nation wide recall I've never (that's NEVER) had to send one back to the factory for anything. I guess I have been a fortunate SOB.

And like the fiber optic sights flying off the 1st time at the range or the magazine dropping out when you fire, that's complete horse ****.
Make sure it's right before leaving the factory and fix the problem instead of just wanting to make a sale.

Sorry if I offended anyone but that's just my thoughts about the situation.

Jim D
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"Have you ever been in a gun fight? There's no bragging rights for second place."
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Good question, and no one really knows the answer other than anecdotal.

My general impression of Kimber for the past 20 years (my first Kimber purchase) is that they charge a premium for looks, not necessarily a reputation for quality/reliability as a defensive sidearm. I think recent examples of Kimber straying from the standard 1911 platform are worthy of discussion.

Ruger has sold a zillion LCPs. Plastic... blah... otherwise unattractive. Palmetto sells them $169 delivered. Forums have always been flooded with reports of what reliable great little guns they are. The Micro .380 is a high-dollar (300% premium over the LCP) gorgeous little gun. However, look at all the complaints for a relatively low sales volume gun.

At time of purchase, Kimber customers are willing to pay a premium for eye-candy as their top criteria with often no regard for quality/reliability reputation. Solo is a prime example. Kimber largely operates in a niche of 'pretty' and have done so remarkably well.

Has Kimber's 'quality' suffered in recent years? I don't know. I do believe that their ventures beyond 1911 haven't proved to be as quality as they as they are pretty. That said, being pretty is a 'quality'. A very attractive quality.
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Any brand specific forum you go to your going see the number or more complaints. People buy a new Kimber, run to the range immediately without cleaning or anything first and then bitch about them. Kimber have some of the tightest tolerances I have ever seen on a gun, you have to break them in properly or your gonna have issues. Break them in and take proper care of them, they'll give you and your great grandchildren years reliable service. Buy a cheap gun and get what you pay for.
Not all the parts in a Kimber are made by Kimber, they can't control the quality of vendors. If they start having issues with a vendor then they find a new one. That's not alway as easy as Googling parts vendors.
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