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Extended Barrels

New to site. Hello all.
I have been a Kimber fan for many years and own no less than 4 Kimber handguns. My newest Kimber is a micro .380 and I really like it.
What brings me here is the idea of an extended barrel for the Micro .380. After researching the best ammo for this handgun I have come to realize that one must compromise between either penetration or expansion. I am currently running Federal HST 99 gr made specifically for the micro handguns. I'm still not real impressed with the ballistics of this round. I know Precision One tops most lists, but it still lacks in ballistics.
No, I do not want to replace my beloved .380 for a 9mm. I have several micro style 9mm's. I want to tweak my .380.
Now, you should know, I wear my micro in a minimalist open bottom outside the waistband slide holster. I have room for the extended barrel if only somebody would make one. Research in an extended barrel for the .380 has turned up zero results. Does anyone know of an extended barrel manufacturer for this handgun or possibly rumors of of someone about to make one.
I'm only talking about 1/4 inch or possibly 1/2 max extension here. At .5 inch, it would have the same ballistics as the Glock 42 with all the creature comforts of a micro 1911. I digress. Any help or info would be appreciated.
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