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Stainless Steel Scratches

I have a stainless steel (brushed) pistol - Springfield Armory loaded SS and it is beginning to get tiny scratches on the slide. Any advice on how to polish them out?
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Well, one big one. If you've never done this before, find a place on the pistol that doesn't show. Use a tiny bit of your polish, and carefully polish the hidden area. If it takes out scratches in this area, then carefully proceed with cosmetic areas.
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For all nice stainless steel stuff, Flitz metal polish will be your friend. Works great on polishing barrel outer surfaces, feed ramps, chambers, etc.
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Put sandpaper flat on a board..glued is best...then run slide back and forth on it to rebrush..
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Since your slide has a brushed finish, polish the scratches in the directions of the "brush"... DON"T POLISH IN CIRCLES.... if you do you will have little shiny spots where you had scratches and the brush finish will also polish out. The "brush" look can be restored literally with a very fine wire brush. Fine emery cloth, sand paper and steel wool can also be used to get the look you want. Work slowly and as Chico said start on areas that are kinda of out of sight until you get the hang of it..

Have you ever seen those guns with highly polished frames and slides? Some of those started with guys just wanting to remove small scratches and didn't know when to stop.
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Hey, Jimmy.
The biggest challenge in restoring a brushed finish is keeping all your scratches perfectly parallel and lined up with the gun. If you're doing a slide and you're a couple degrees off, the entire feng shui will be disrupted and it will look like crap.

You can try to do a small spot, but the probability of matching the existing scratches is next to nil.

Like others have mentioned, it would work nicely to use some spray mount adhesive to glue a sheet of emery cloth to a perfectly flat surface. Your wife's granite countertops will work nicely. The dining room table will work in a pinch, if the wood is very flat.

Now make a "fence," or a guide so you will have perfectly longitudinal strokes. Take a 2x4, and clamp it over your sheet of emery cloth. Now all you have to do is set your slide against the fence, make a long, even stroke until you reach the end of the sheet of paper. CAREFULLY lift the slide, avoiding ANY side-to-side movement, and start over again. Keep going until you get the finish you want. You might need to move your fence as you wear down the abrasive on the emery cloth.

The part I don't know about is what grit of emery cloth to start with. Maybe 320? Home Depot sells variety packs. You might need to experiment a little. Maybe start experimenting on a piece of stainless that doesn't matter. Maybe a butter knife from the kitchen.

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I’ve had good success with 0000 stainless steel wool working gently with the brush pattern o the gun. Slow and gentle repeating strokes with the grain of the pattern.
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