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Kimber 10mm

Hi Guys!

Glad to be here and share about Kimber Handguns!
I recently bought the Kimber 10mm Long Slide 6" Stainless Target.
Love the weapon so far and have read all I can find about the break-in period for Kimber and 1911 models in general. Problem is this weapon is so new (about 6 months on the market) there is not a lot out there yet. Just a few ad videos on Youtube.

I have run about 50 rounds so far with FTE about every 3-4 rounds with last round FTE with slide not locking open. Using Kimber factory mags and Remington 180gr. factory loads.

I don't regret the purchase and feel lucky to own the weapon. I was hoping that here I could find some owners who had the weapon longer than me and to see what becomes of all these FTE and FTF issues after several 100 or 1000 rounds.

And also hoping to hear from some of you guys on what to expect on how long this break-in period will last and apprx. how many rounds I should expect to cycle before the "Kinks" and FTE is over and the gun is broken in. Since they are all so new, everyone who has one is probably at a similar stage to me. Thanks for any feedback in advance. Happy Shooting!!!
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Kimber 10mm

- Make sure you are not limp wristing it.
- Get beer, sit on couch, turn on tv, empty gun/make gun safe.
- No mag and rack the crap out of it till your hands cramp up.
- Go get another beer and repeat instructions above.

This will save you a lot of ammo and break in faster.

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Originally Posted by bhunted View Post
... rack the crap out of it till your hands cramp up.
Check out the Handi-racker. You put it over the slide and press it against a wall or hard surface. You can easily get a thousand reps an evening. I've even been known to put a cutting board next to the Lazyboy and tape the Handi-racker in place. The only downside is you have to learn to drink your beer left handed. I have no financial connection with them other than owning one.
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Send it to me I'll shoot a few thousand rounds through it and will send it back all broken in.. I won't even charge you for the ammo...
Drinking can cause memory loss or even worse memory loss!
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No charge for ammo!? That sounds like the deal of a lifetime right there, I'd jump on it myself...
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