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Factory Grease

Hi everyone. What are your thoughts about cleaning a new pistol before shooting it the first time? Iíve had some folks tell me a new gun should be taken down, factory grease removed and then cleaned and oiled before shooting. Others had said thatís not necessary.

Just wondering what your recommendation is.
Also, whatís your favorite pistol cleaning kit?
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Yup, that is the regimen.

Hmm, my favorite cleaning kitten. Well, I guess that's Irene. I would have said Daphne, but my wife thinks she uses firearms to get to me.

Oh, and trust me, Vicki was no kitten.

So, by the process of elimination, I guess I was right the first time, Irene.
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I have always cleaned then oiled every new gun I have had. It has always worked out pretty good for me.
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The manufacture has no idea of how long a gun my sit unsold in a dealers shop. The grease/oil on it is more of a preservative then a lubricant. This is copied directly from page 26 of the owners manual and yes it's red lettering in the manual.

Before firing the pistol for the first time, Field Strip and clean the firearm following proper procedures (see DISASSEMBLY, CLEANING and LUBRICATION and ASSEMBLY Instructions in this Manual).
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I always clean and lube all my guns before I shoot them.

I don’t own one of these kits but have bought a few as gifts. Both people said they were good. I’m not saying it’s the best but it’s nice for an inexpensive cleaning kit.

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I always clean and oil mine, they used to pack new guns in cosmaline grease when they shipped them so you had no choice but to clean them.
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Did you read the fine manual? Most of the time the manufacturer will tell you to field strip, clean and oil. This should be SOP.
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Well, don't over-clean.

No less that Bill Jordan opined that, "More firearms are ruined by cleaning than by firing."

If memory serves, he was discussing a P.O. Ackley Improved at the time.

Do the right thing, just be responsible.
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I field field strip, inspect, clean and lube (lite viscosity lube) before firing the first shot. I load up magazines and leave them to set for a couple days or more before shooting.

I like to put at least a couple hundred rounds through it before field stripping and cleaning again, particularly if it's a tight fitting gun. Light oil and shot residue makes for a good break-in/fitting compound.
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Yep, field strip and clean every new firearm every time. Helps me understand the firearm, remove any preservative grease, and clean any factory or storage dirt and grim that may be in or on the firearm. Some are pretty darn filthy!
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