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Kimber Aegis Ultra made it home

I had ordered my 1st ever 1911 1/1/19, the Aegis Elite Ultra. Before shooting I sent it to a 1911 gunsmith to have some parts changed out with Ed Brown parts like a EB trigger kit, EB grip safety with memory bump, and EB msh kit.

It's really nice with a 3.25# trigger that surprises you when it breaks, not even a tad of creep. While he was in it he polished the feed ramp and a few other parts.

One thing you fellow Kimber owners might like to know. He said that he re-cut the chamber because it had been left rough and it could and more than likely would cause some malfunctions with different types of ammo.

If I learn to post pictures, I will. Have a great weekend.

Jim D
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Congratulations Jim, it sounds like your gunsmith did an excellent job.
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You didn't even shoot it first? Hm. Well. Anyway. I like the looks of the Aegis quite a lot. And as to that: I recommend an account at Flikr. You can get their app for your phone, take a picture, upload it to Flickr, and post it on message boards at your computer with ease... relatively speaking. Not as easy as Photobucket used to be, before they became low-down no good money-grabbers, but they did, so screw 'em.
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Surprised to hear of the chamber comment from your gunsmith. All I have heard mentioned before is Kimber's chambers are "match" and therefore a bit tight.

Pics would be great. If you can't post PM them to me I'll gladly post them.
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I'm all for modifying and customizing my guns but I never do it on a new gun that hasn't been broken in yet. Your warranty is now toast, now suppose the first time you put a round down range you develop a crack in the frame. You spent $1,000.00 on a gun, a couple of hundred on parts plus your gunsmiths labor and for what, an expensive paper weight. It's much smarter to break the gun in and make sure everything is 100% before investing more money in it.
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Chuck makes a good point. That being said, since the ship has sailed, I hope she runs well at the range and there aren't any issues with your new shooter.
On the images, get them on your desktop, click on the paperclip in the menu above the post you've typed, then select and upload the file. We need to see a few pics of the new beauty :-)
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I thought I gave you "Steps" to post a pic in a PM or maybe a older thread you posted in?? Pretty sure there is a sticky post about that here someplace.
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