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Sad News

From another forum that I frequent:

It is truly a sad day for the Armory. On March 28th we lost Gmountain and his wife. G's last posts were that he had the flu and was not feeling well. Turns out he and his wife contracted hepatitis A and they both died at home from it. Relatives had the police make a welfare check on them on the 27th and the police talked to G and although he was sick he said they did not need any medical help. The police made another welfare check on the 28th and found them both dead.

I didn't really know him but I know that others on here do.
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WOW, what state was that in?

Ever notice that diseases you thought were controlled or eradicated in the past appear to be making a resurgence? Wonder why?? I believe there is an answer as clear as the nose on your face.
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OLE442, have no fear, my friend, your depths of "abject lust" will not raise a single boil upon your visage...
...No matter where you are it's enemy territory...
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He lived in Florida. An article with his brother:
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So sad. My prayers go out to his family. He will be remembered by his Kimber family

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Truly sad news .
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So sad to hear about G and his wife. My thoughts and prayers are for the family. He will be greatly missed here by all.
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Wow, that is shocking news and the saddest and worst I have heard in awhile. I remember his post saying they had the flu or at least was not feeling well.
I only knew GMountain here online, we never met in person however I feel we were friends and if we had ever met it would have been like we had known each other all our lives.

A Toast to my friend! Rest in Peace my Brother.

Prayers going out to his family and friends.
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Geeze, sad to hear. We never saw eye to eye, but Id never wish anything like that on anyone. Shame.

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