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Sometimes you don't know what spoiled is until...

Every 45 I've had has been a Kimber with the exception of my first which was a Rock Island Armory I traded after a few months and a Detonics Combat Master (that I still regret selling to the point of tears) to get cash for my first Kimber, a Kimber SIS Custom. Anyway, I'd been toying with the notion of building a 1911 but doing a shopping cart at Brownells and Wilson Combat gave me pause.

Then it occurred to me, why not buy a cheap 1911 with the plan of upgrading... well... everything. A Tisas 1911 is not much more than a Caspian frame. So I picked up a Tisas 1911.

Don't get me wrong, I knew what I was getting into but all in all, it was a solid little unit after I did some trigger work but here's the range report.

First time out at the range with 250 rounds of 230 grain ball:

Front sight fell off. Uh... it was just gone. No idea where it went. Of course it went when I did a string of point and shoot double taps.

Plunger tube, rear stake gave allowing plunger to come out at an angle to the frame and lock the thumb safety into the safe position. Of course, the first mag where I racked the slide and automatically flipped up the thumb safety.. This happened at the range with a live round in the chamber after I did a trigger job before even test firing the pistol. I know! I got excited to tinker. Using a screw driver to push the plunger back, I of course slipped and scratched the slide.

Why do I go into all this Tisas stuff here? Well, it occurred to me after that I had never had issues like this with my SIS, Raptor or Super Carry because the standards are so much higher. You don't know what you got sometimes until you get a good feel of what's on the other side.

This girl isn't going anywhere though. She's my ugly side chick. Makes me question everything but it's so wrong to work on her, it's right!
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It really makes me laugh when someone on a forum will say something to the effect of my _______ is the same quality as your Kimber-Wilson-Springfield only a quarter of the cost.You never can tell until you start working on one of the budget guns and realize all the ways the factory uses to save money-thats why they are sold quite a bit cheaper.
But when a person buys the cheaper 1911 with the idea of starting a build it makes more sense.
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The quality of the steel in those imported budget 1911s typically isn't great either. They can make a decent running 1911...certainly not a Kimber by any means though.
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