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To Chuck and everyone else, I appreciate the info on Kimbers, and all of the knife discussions too.

As of today, I am no longer a Kimber owner. Sold off my Solo a while back and received a trade offer for the Micro 9 I couldn't refuse.

I still work on Kimbers, family members own them and I do all the work.

Take care everyone.
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Please don't feel like you have to own a Kimber to hang out here. Half the posts here aren't even about guns. And half the ones that are don't know what they're talking about.
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No need for you to rush off, you don't have to own a Kimber to be a member here. Try sticking around and continuing to join in the conversation.
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You don't have to leave Kimber Talk if you don't own a Kimber, it's not a requirement.
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I can understand selling your Solo but what did you trade your Micro9 for?
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Why would you think you have to own a Kimber to hang out here? get a Kimber sticker we will except that.
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