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Would like some input

I recently won a Custom II at my local Pheasants Forever banquet. My avatar is a picture of this handgun. My question is do I keep it locked away or enjoy it. I've been told by a few people to not shoot it because it will increase in value over the years. Others have told me to enjoy it. I've looked through some pricing guides and some special issue guns do gain value, others don't. What are your thoughts?
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If money's the issue, sell the gun now and pay down consumer debt or mortgages. The gun won't appreciate dramatically, so if you're going to keep it, just have fun and shoot it.
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Money isn't the issue. Just wanted more input. Some people that think they know it all told me to clean it good and put it away. My son, who owns a small gun shop told me just shoot the think and enjoy it.
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As Rusty suggested, it's a fine gun but I don't see it appreciating in value. Either sell it or enjoy shooting it.
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Clean it, lube it, shoot it....repeat. Will provide years of enjoyment. Enjoy!
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Thanks for the input guys. I appreciate it. I'm going to the range tonight and have some fun.
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It's a gun......shoot it IMO! Keep it clean and it will be worth whatever someone is willing to pay when/if you ever go to sell it!
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Most of us here are of the buy-clean-shoot-repeat crowd. I do have some I've not shot yet, but that is because I've not taken the time to do so and not because I am hoping value will appreciate. They'll be worth what ever they are worth at the time I decide to part with them (more or less than I paid), or if I get hit by the proverbial bus and Ms Tejun will then have to deal with selling all of them.

I'd shoot that sucker and post a range report (pics required)
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That is a mass produced entry level (for Kimber) 1911, a very nice one, but that is essentially what it is. Like the others said, shoot the snot out of it and enjoy it.
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Shoot It!! Chances of it being worth more than it is at this moment is slim and none and even then it's going to take several decades for that to happen. Not likely it would ever be worth what Colt Anaconda's and Pythons and Mint in box "unfired" Pre Lock Smith & Wesson's are bringing in todays market.

Others popping in here from time to time have wanted the Special Kimber they won or bought many years ago, asking value and wanting to sell for big money, have received little or no interest.

Shoot, enjoy. IMO
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