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Kimber Evo SP???

I am buying my first CCW. I love the new EVO CS or TLE. Everyone recommends Sig P365. Anyone have experience with both or specifically the EVO? Sorry for the Sig mention...i’m New! Thanks is offline   Reply With Quote
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Welcome to the site from Tennessee.

The EVO CS is still fairly new and only a few owners here, there is a good many Sig owners around I'm sure you will hear from them soon.
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This is a friendly place you can talk about most anything you want as long as you are decent about it.

I have not shot an EVO but I have handled one, I was impressed. There have been almost all positive responses from those who have picked one up.

My buddy has a P365 he won't stop talking about. Really a win-win just pick the one that turns your crank the most.
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P365... another plastic fantastic... yawn.

Looking forward to reading a review of your new EVO.
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Originally Posted by ChattanoogaPhil View Post
P365... another plastic fantastic... yawn
Buy American - MAGA!
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Sig p365 hold 10 or 12 plus one and is same size. Have and love my kimbers and 1911s, but the sig is in my pocket as I speak.
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Welcome, Bruce. The most fun is shopping. The pain begins once you have to pay.
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Welcome to the forum. No EVO here but I really like my Kimberís. I have a Sig P365 with twelve round mag and really like it. Shot several hundreds rounds throw it with no problems. If you buy the EVO letís us know when you visit the range.
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Originally Posted by 427malibu View Post
Have and love my kimbers and 1911s, but the sig is in my pocket as I speak.

MC Hammer is your tailor?
How else would you do that?

My P365 is on my hip right now.
Never handled an Evo.

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Welcome to the forum. I don’t own either and I’ve never see either in person. If you like them both try to find a store that has both and see which feels better in your hand. If possible try to rent both.
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