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Lightbulb Why Silencers?

Recently, someone here set me straight concerning the legality of silencers in the U.S. (Legal in 39 states). I wonder, what would be the legal use for such a device ? I thought that they would only be useful for illegal or covert activities.
On the other hand, I thought that "The right to bare arms" meant that even skinny guys can wear short sleeved shirts, even in winter if they choose.
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Huh? Wha? Ehhhh? To save your ears sonny!
Speak up...... Can't hear to well. Lol....
But of course other military reasons....

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The most recent articles I've seen center on putting a can on a .22LR pistol, usually for target practice.
...No matter where you are it's enemy territory...
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Some people like to buy accessories, or can't help but buy accessories with their quadrillions of play money.

After you buy everything you need, buy everything you want, then buy everything stupid you can even think about.
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Because we "CAN"! Get it "can" is slang for silencer. I crack me up sometimes. lol

Hunting: To keep from scaring other game.
To preserve your hearing.
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Saving one"s ears in CA involves wearing "earphones". I always wear them, inside or out. They are required at all ranges I have ever been to.
I do not know what hunters, who hunt deer with rifles do. I have never seen any of those guys wear "earphones". To not protect your ears from close up gunfire is close to suicide, in my opinion.
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Because of the awesome factor of course! I'll be building a suppressed SBR in 300 blackout when I get the ATF tax stamps back (long friggin wait!) I have all the parts to put it together but can't until I get the form 1 stamp for the build and the form 4 stamp for the can. Shooting subsonic 300BO rounds from a suppressed SBR is really quiet. Cool guy stuff ya know? lol

I'll post up a range report and video of suppressed and unsuppressed when I get to shoot it.

As montanaResident said, I don't really NEED it, I just WANT it.
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Zoomybaby has the best answer. That is why I own NO holsters. I do not have a permit for CC, and OC has recently been scwashed in this area.
If I did conceal, a jockstrap would be a terrible place for a sewn in holster.
I have seen people "holster" their pistols under the waste line just above their ass.
Siting down might be dangerous.
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and on the desk sits the ever present McDonald's diet coke.
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"The democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those who are willing to work and give to those who would not."
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Chuck you don't miss anything. LOL

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