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Kimber customer service

Originally Posted by 2sharp2 View Post
0311B50, Great news for you but not a surprise to most of us, a few have experienced this kind of service from Kimber first hand and a lot of us have heard of warranty repairs for pistols way over one year old.

The only time this wont work is if during you phone call to customer service you spill your guts about being a "Bubbagunsmith" worked on the pistol yourself, any claims for service will be denied even on a 1 month old pistol.
Yeah, other than ordering replacement guide rod springs and a ball cap once, Iíve never needed to contact Kimber. The Pro Carry II Iíve had since 2006 has never given me any problem at all that I didnít cause myself.

On my first call to arrange to ship it, I told the rep that I bought it used. He mentioned then that they might still repair it under warranty so long as no one had monkeyed around with the internals. I assured him that I had not, but had no idea what the previous guy had done- apparently nothing they could notice.

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Great story. Glad it worked out like that for you.
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Dawn took care of me with my Super Carry Pro issue as cited on the 1911 specific forum...return process was fast, quick turn around and I've been very pleased with the support! Guess I'm lucky...I've been a firearms owner of some sort since 1972....have only used Kimber and S&W customer service once each in all these years!
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Same here

They fixed a micro 9 for me free of charge to include a new sear spring, sear, polished the feed ramp and barrel .
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Originally Posted by Bigdog View Post

Wonder what Tex did wrong?
Well, he was told right here on KT not to bring up polishing the feed ramp and simply tell Kimber's CS folks that his new gun doesn't work. He decided not to heed such advice. While on the phone with CS he got into a warranty discussion over polishing. So there's that. When the gun arrived at Kimber things didn't get any better, so he demanded to see measurements on his barrel compared to spec. It didn't go well.

I'm the second owner of a 2012 Solo. I called Kimber and told them it didn't work. They said ok and sent me a RMA.

I'm a firm believer in K.I.S.S. when dealing with this kind of thing while remaining humble and polite.
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Final update:

Got the gun back yesterday afternoon. Due to work schedule, I didnít get to take it out until this afternoon and that was hurried.

I put 5 magazines through it rapid fire (didnít even have a target set up, just shooting to test function) smooth as silk. Being a heavier frame, I noticed less felt recoil and muzzle rise than my Pro Carry II. Probably wonít get it out for actual shooting and evaluation until Sunday, but I think Iím gonna like this gun a lot.

Thanks for all the feedback.

The Founding Fathers would have been shooting decades ago.
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