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I have owned probably more types and brands of firearms than I care to remember.
Out of all of them I have returned exactly 1 firearm to the factory for service-a Llama .45ACP 1911 clone-need I say more.
That was back in 1978 and haven't owned one since-and in my opinion I probably am not missing much.
Even the manufacturer could not fix a missfeed problem.
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Originally Posted by BobHyatt View Post

I've seen a number of micro-9 complaints here. I know of three people that own one. I have seen them ALL run through all sorts of ammo at the range with nary a whimper out of the guns. And not a one of 'em posts here (or on other gun fora.)
I know a couple of people with the micro 9 and they have had zero complaints. The only thing I heard is that it is really accurate. Picking one up for summer and those times you just can't hide a 45. Currently have a 380 but never liked it. It never failed to fire or chamber, just never really liked it.
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My micro 9 shot low & came back from the factory with new sights, now it doesn't shoot low - verified with a laser bullet.

The takedown pin on my LCP would walk out and the recoil spring guide rod broke out the front of the slide, it came back with a new slide.

My P365 went in twice, but those problems were common knowledge.

The ejector on my PM9 pushed the rear of the frame back, it came back with the frame sanded down - also a common problem.

Never had to send a Glock back.

Any manufactured item can have issues, I don't begrudge any of the manufacturers and it's fun to bash new owners.

I will agree that reading the manual is a requirement on just about anything these days.

Oh and my EVO has been perfect!

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