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Originally Posted by 2sharp2 View Post
What do you mean (won't be happening much longer) what? Please explain. Your saying wait times are going to increase? ????

The Hearing Protection Act as far as I know is still making it's way thru the legislative process, so that could help if passed.

I heard NFA employed a lot of new people to process the Tax Stamps, resulting in shorter wait times.

Not about the GPA....and ya mean the ATF

There was a post/article, got to remember where I read it. That the problem is not the ATF process, it’s the FBI. When they start do a background check, if there is any error in info, one T not crossed, etc. The app goes to the bottom of the pile. Their response with an attitude, is, when we get to it which could be any time frame.

Supposedly this is why you’re seeing faster apps going through but others waiting lengthy times. Apps that are perfect go through easily.
Some in mere months and others over a year.
This doesn’t mean you or someone else has made a boo boo here and there. It means we are stuck in a pot of screwed up stew.
Fixing that and automatic nics check for NFA items will help but I hear nothing on that.

People are pist because others are basically cutting in line because theirs are pushed aside. ATF trashed the fast track program as a result...

Edit: Found the link...
Story Link: https://www.gunsamerica.com/digest/e...ked-nfa-items/

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The below chart is from SilencerShop. Looks like it's currently (last three months) 6-7 months average from the time the check is dropped in the mail till the tax stamp is received. That's on par with my two tax stamps years ago.

The only internal system change I'm aware of is that the examiners are no longer assigned by state. It's now a group that examines forms as they come in regardless of origin. Forms with errors have always been a major delay and heartburn. Simple cure for that... make sure your form and fingerprint cards are correct before sending. A lot of folks think it's too complicated so they never buy NFA items. Really, it's quite simple and easy.

I'd like to see the NFA repealed, or at least begin by removing silencers. There's push back from crime ridden cities that have heavily invested in gunshot detection systems which they claim silencers would defeat. Of course that wouldn't apply to criminals anyway since they don't obey laws... blah blah blah... same old story.
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Very nice, Albert.

My thoughts about getting a silencer is pretty basic. The sooner you send in the check to the ATF the sooner you'll get back the stamp. Procrastination doesn't speed things up.

Enjoy your new Sig.
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Great support from Phil, Thanks. I agree with all of Phil's comments.

Thanks for the link John, I had not read that Gunsamerica article. Not knowing a timeline of when the fast track pilot program started and when ATF stopped it, your link from GA article was Nov 26, 2019. I guess there was a lucky few that had a quick turn around.
I know it took mine right at 10 months, I bought mine on Jan. 28th this year and my gun shop guy mailed the group mine was in a day or two later possibly first week in Feb.
He told me groups he mailed in June started coming back in August.
I made the mistake of continuing to wait on HPA to pass, oh well live and learn.
May do at leas one more soon.
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When I talked to the guy at the LGS he said hes getting them back some in 3 months and others just coming in after 15 months. Could be the paperwork correctness or which pile your paper lands in. I probably will submit after the 1st of the year.

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Originally Posted by Albert.Cairns View Post
Originally Posted by Cucamonga kid View Post
Damm! You musta been a real good boy last year.

Put a lot of money and work into mama’s F150 this year. New Rims and Tires, flat touch screen, linex in the bed, running boards. Blacked out the whole truck in the trim against the Ford Race Red color. Still waiting on the black Raptor grill and I’ll Linex the bumpers to finish it off. She’s happy. So as long as mama’s happy I pretty much get what I want.

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Congrats very nice!
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