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Ultra models, do they work???

Have been reading about the ultra models, but am concerned about putting a full 1991 platform in to a 3" gun. Those of you that have Ultra models, how do they run? Any special problems incurred with them?
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I have several kimbers and I can honestly say my two ultras would be the ones I would never get rid of. Great guns. No problems what so ever. I carry either my ultra covert or ultra raptor everyday.

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See: https://www.kimbertalk.com/forums/kim...-carry-ii.html
Ultra Crimson Carry II
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Jon the answer to that question is not a cut and tried yes or no. I believe the right answer is some do very well and others well, will frustrate the hell out of you.
The shorter you go with a 1911 barrel the harder it is to have a reliable gun, on a three inch gun that little slide doesn't have long to perform its job so any little hiccup is magnified.
I have a CDP Ultra that I bought NIB in 2009, it has been an absolutely fantastic 1911, shoots all my reloads and self defense HP without any drama. Have well over 2000 rounds fired with it honestly can't remember the last malfunction I had with it, it's been stone cold reliable from day one(no brake in period was required)and it is stupid accurate for such a short barreled handgun.
Before the CDP I owned a 3.5 Colt officer, it was ok with round nose but HP was hit or miss. Also had another manufactuers 3" that would not feed any type of round consistently.
I am counting my blessings with the one great one I have, won't push my luck and buy any more. I stick with 4" to 5" guns now.
But I do believe that of all the 1911 manufactuers, nobody makes a better three inch then Kimber.
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Originally Posted by jonh1373 View Post
Have been reading about the ultra models, but am concerned about putting a full 1991 platform in to a 3" gun. Those of you that have Ultra models, how do they run? Any special problems incurred with them?
Would put my Eclipse Ultra up against any 5 inch 1911 made. Accuracy, reliability, carry comfort, control ability. It's been amazing. Had a few hickup's at the get go, but once the mags and gun were broke in its been flawless and the most accurate I have.
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I shoot my Ultra as good if not better than my 4 & 5 inch models. Plan on buying another.
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Wink Works For Most Folks

While I do not own an Ultra sized Kimber, I am on this forum a lot and see VERY FEW issues with the 3" guns. Tank mentioned issue with 3" guns, but you will notice that those were NOT Kimber pistols!!!From what I have read here over the years, the short Kimbers work just as well as it's bigger brothers.

In a nutshell, you would not go wrong by purchasing one!!! Can't beat it!!! If I was spending YOUR money, I'd buy a Stainless Ultra Raptor II. But that's just me.......YMMV!!!

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I have a Super Carry Ultra Plus and a Custom Crimson II. Both had Failure to Return to Battery issues when new. I went through the break in period with the 5 inch but decide to take the Ultra to a local gunsmith. He throated the barrel and ran a finishing reamer down the barrel and she has not missed a lick since. I just didn't want to spend the time or money breaking in the SCUP before I could carry it. I love the SCUP and you will love an Ultra.
Shoot through any minor issues or send it back to Kimber if you have problems. But I believe most owners don't have any issues. I don't reload so I always buy good quality range ammo and top quality self defense ammo.
Good Luck and have fun.
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In a word, "Yes" they work. My Super Carry Ultra HD is my best pistol. Functions perfectly and is deadly accurate.

I almost never shoot my Custom 5" any more, and rarely shoot my 4" Raptor Pro. I prefer my 3" Ultra. Besides, the Ultra is my carry gun, so it's best to practice with it, rather than the others.
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I love my Ultra CDP II, never had a single problem of any kind with it. My next Kimber will be an Ultra Tactical II.
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