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Ultra II Sights

I am the proud owner of a Kimber Ultra Carry II. It's a recent acquisition. I've already added an ambi safety but I'm now looking for high visibility replacement sights. The black sights that are on the gun are hard for my old eyes to pick up in a lot of light conditions. What is a good replacement sight that is high visibility in both high and low light conditions?
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The best I have found, for me, are night sights with the blaze orange front sight outline and contrasting size dots (large front, small rear). I was recently unable to find that combo to fit my Kimber, maybe they are available now. I ended up with white outline TruGlos, they work pretty well but I still would rather have had the orange.
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Another option before investing in a set of sights is Glow-On sight paint.
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You could always use Kimbers night sights. I have them on all mine and they work and last pretty good.
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I’ve tried all the things the other posts have mentioned and found them to be inferior. The best I found was the TruGlow Pro sights with contrasting green and orange.
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Then there's always the factory Kimber night sights...
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Bright white paint. I have even tried, with success, peal white nail polish. At about $2 a bottle, you can't get anything better, at 20 times the price.

I haven't tried any of these yet, but they look promising.

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Here are some options





These are a few different types.
Good luck with the search,
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Thanks for all the suggestions. Looks like I have some research to do.
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