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what i see here.. is that kimber has one production line per item type, for instance all 1911 are done on the same manuf line but in different lots.. its typical of
gun manuf to do this when they have one factory. and if they are outsourcing their slides or frames, their is that to contend with in scheduling. thats why they only sell in lots.. they build a "lot" they want it completely gone so they an move on to the next build lot, forcing quanity purchases accomplishes this.
ANOTHER ISSUE.. is the low price HIGH QUALITY 1911's appearing in shops..
I just bought a 1911 A1 for $275 that is built on Aerospace Milling Eqp, HAND fITTED, WITH EXTREMLY TIGHT TOLERANCES.. IT IS AN EXACT COPY OF THE ORIGINAL 1911 A1.. Everyone who has one of these exact models RAVES on them.. they are tack drivers with excellent reliability.. and they like hollowpoints.. $275 vs $1300... yup.. i could buy 5 of the A1 for one Raptor..
so when the shop owner makes $50 on each one of those..he makes more profit than selling the kimber.... ITS ALL ABOUT BOTTOM LINE AT THE SELLER. GUYS..
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What gun are you speaking of? I have seen ATI's in the high 300s don't recall anything lower than that.
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