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If you've ever had an instructor rip into you because he could look through the trigger guard and see any sliver of trigger finger at all on the other side, then you have no problem at all flicking the safety off with the index finger shooting left handed. That said, I doubt anyone who hasn't been in a firefight is going to pull off much of anything remotely complicated when they find themselves in one unless they've trained extensively for it, and even if they have... I'd still say all bets are off when the SHTF. If you find yourself needing the ambi safety, I submit that- at best- the fact that you have one will likely only serve as a fleeting comfort right before you get killed.
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I tested a p938 with an ambi safety at my local gun store and passed on it because the safety on the other side pinched my hand. Always test an ambi safety at the gun store. Hold the pistol just as you normally would in a quick shooting situation. If it pinches, pass on it. Yes, you can train to hold that pistol differently so that it won't pinch, but why bother when there are other ambi safeties that are positioned so that they won't pinch.
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what you have is a choice between the new short safety, and a new holster...
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I made her new holster so that it covers the outside paddle and the problem seems to be solved and yes there were brownie points involved! I have definitely taken the offhand shooting suggestions seriously and now that I've made a couple of holsters that cover the outside paddle I'm looking at ambi safeties differently. Thanks for all the comments
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Originally Posted by MoSimpleman View Post
Makes perfect sense to me! I still think my wife played me for a new holster

Lucky for you it wasnt a new gun also...
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My wife's Micro 9 has an ambi safety. With heavier loads, My knuckle will sometimes put it in "safe" position. No ambi on mine...
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