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Old 03-11-2020, 07:34 PM   #1
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PLEASE HELP - Kimber Hunter 7mm-08 Accuracy Problems

I need some help. I have many years of experience (40+) with shooting, mounting scopes, hand loading, ladder tests, blahblahblah. I recently purchased a Kimber Hunter Boot Campaign in 7mm-08 and can't get the thing to group worth a crap! I called Kimber to ensure I am using correct torque on main screws, I correctly mounted and torqued my Talley one piece bases and scope screws. I married a Swarovski Z5 to this rifle, correctly broke the barrel in making sure not to overuse bore compound, checked all screws again, tried (3) different factory loads, and many powder/bullet combo's from IMR4064, Varget, Norma 203B, Sierra Game Kings, Noslers, blahblahblah. And STILL cannot get consistent groups better than 1.75 or maybe a lucky 1.5" group. No wind, cool temps, letting barrel cool between shots (3-5 minutes). I've probably sent close to 300 rounds down range. This damn rifle will not perform. Anyone else have this problem?? Any help is welcome.
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Rick in Oregon should be along soon and give some good advise.
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Old 03-12-2020, 08:03 AM   #3
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I will wait for Rick in Oregon . . . I'm hoping he or some others can shed some light on this issue - BEFORE I ship the rifle back to Kimber. Thanks Wingnut!
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Have you pushed a bullet through?
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Old 03-12-2020, 08:28 AM   #5
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Welcome from NC; transplanted here from Lancaster 43 years ago. Sorry can't help with your rifle issue.
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I defer to the man Rick for rifle advise. He may be out in the desert on a shooting trip?

Welcome to the site from Tennessee.
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Old 03-12-2020, 10:09 AM   #7
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Nope, not in the outback just yet....but sooooon. (Upcoming week long rat trip with the crew.)

Well then, it appears you are already an accomplished rifleman, so my suggestions may already have been addressed. The 7-08 is an inherently accurate cartridge, so the problem most likely lies with the rifle as you surmise. (My light/mountain rifle is a Ti M700 clone 7-08 Ackley and shoots bugholes. It's an elk and mulie killer of the First Order).

You seem to have done most common loading tricks, but have you tried different seating depths with your favored bullet?

Have you checked your loads for concentricity with a dial indicator?

Here are some additional points to address:

* Have you checked the bedding?
* Does the stock touch the barrel at any point?
* Has the recoil lug been bedded properly? Meaning it only touches the recoil lug mortise at the rear only, and not the bottom or front?
* Is the first 2" of barrel under the chamber area properly supported?
* If you have a bore scope, you've already checked the bore for irregularities, but if not, it's something to check.
* Have you checked the crown under magnification, and the last 2" of rifling at the muzzle? Is the throat is good condition?
* No chance of the scope base screws being too long and touching the bolt? (Seen this one a lot)
* Do the lugs bear evenly? Have they been lapped?

I had a Kimber rifle that always seemed to 'smoke' cases, even with heavy loads. Sent it to the Mothership and they did a chamber cast and found the issue. Fixed it and returned the rifle at N/C. Not really sure what they did either, but the problem disappeared once back home. Sometimes the Mothership performs unnoticed miracles that we mere mortals don't seem to understand.

If all this is addressed and the problem still persists, then it's most likely time for the rifle to take a factory trip back home to sort it out.

Sorry I can't be of more help, but without the rifle in my hands, I'm really just guessing with the most probable causes that I've seen over my lifetime with problem rifles. I wish you the very best sorting the issue out, as the Kimber rifles are indeed sweet shooters.....most of the time. The rock chucks here fear my 84M Varmint 204!
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Old 03-13-2020, 06:20 AM   #8
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Rick in Oregon - fairly extensive check list - and I do appreciate that. I will address each question you asked and report back in a few days. I do have doubts with some of the Technical folks at Kimber - at least the one's you talk to on the phone. I asked about "take down" or "action screws" torque settings. Their question to me was "Why are you taking the rifle apart?" and my reply was "to clean under the action as well as other hidden areas and ensure the proper torque settings are applied" - their response "Most people do not take the rifle apart - ever." Also, it appears they (Kimber) used red locktite on the screws - not sure why. They informed me 65 inch pounds on both screws. Seems kinda high, but that's what I torqued them to. The stock is honey combed and appears to be free floated. Seating depth is tough as the magazine is very limiting - I'm jumping the bullet quite a bit - have measurements - will share. I will attack your list Rick and get back to you and will shoot some more groups seating lower than I have been. Please give me some time. Thanks for your suggestions. Want to sort this mess out before I jump ship totally and buy a Borden action and marry to a Krieger or Lilja barrel with McMillan stock. Thought Kimber would perform better off the shelf. Time will tell. We'll chat soon.
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This may sound stupid, but try IMR4895, I got a .308 Kimber Classic that was 2007 production. Got it for nothing, like $425 in perfect condition. Guy said he couldn't make it shoot.
I did what you did with my favorite powders ladder, Ladder, ladder hell I was running out of powder, then I laddered IMR4895, with nosler 150 grainers and 165's even Sierra 168 gr match it just liked it. Shoots 1/4 groups now. In my book the little thin barrel is only worth 2 shoots in the woods, if needed.
My 2 cents
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