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frustrated and becoming broke

hey everyone, this is curly. I am trying to install a set of hi-viz sites on a friends gun. my site pusher does not let the slide sit in the correct position to push out front site. I used(and chewed up) brass success. I even used arkasas stones to try to shave a minimal amount off the sight to make it esier to punch in. no success. I even ruined one front site and had to replace it for him. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!
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Check Dawson Precisions site for instructions. They have a video on their site too
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sight adjustment

I had to buy the $700 tool (Browneles) to adjust the rear sights on my Kimber. That was after all other exhausted attempts.
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Harleystoo is right. Sometimes we just have to give in and either dedicate ourselves to the task or take the task to someone else who already has. Unless you intend to do a lot of site replacement, take it to a smith and have them do it. They have already invested the $700.

PS. Harley, what ya ridin?
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My smith charged me $30 to take off the original and install Meprolight Night sights on mine. He's a real gun smith, too, who can manufacture parts that are obsolete in his shop, i.e. firing pins on old arms.
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