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Old 08-06-2020, 07:33 AM   #1
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I’ve not seen any information or comments on there but purchased my 6th Kimber Monday. I was familiar with the LW series Kimber was offering but didn’t know they produced them with optics installed.

I’d been looking for a new Ruger Precision 22LR when the LW OI caught my eye. I live close to Smoky Mountain Huns & Ammo and a Buds, just a block apart, and ran over to SMGA and took a look at the LW OI. They had the Nightstar which I really liked.

The price at &779 was just too good to pass up so I took it home. Tuesday I didn’t get a chance to hit the range but yesterday I put 200 rounds through it of factory 124 Winchester NATO and some of my mild 125 polymer coated lead.

I always disassemble and clean and generously oil all my 1911’s before shooting. I’m pleased to say it functioned 100%. No malfunctions of any kind. I hear all the stories of malfunction after malfunction but none of the 6 Kimbers that I own or any of the 9 1911’s I own have ever malfunctioned.

Needless to say I really like the optics and found it to be seriously accurate. I Download all my range reloads due to arthritis in my hands and wrists which is always a concern for reliable function but it performed perfectly even with these loads. I used the factory mag, 10 round MecGar and Metalform mags with no issues. The Vortex optic was easy to zero and at 50ft from a rest I was quite pleased.

I did make one major change in it. I’m not a fan of full length guide rods. I’ve used them in 45’s and used 2 piece rods but never seen an advantage. So, I took out the one piece and replaced it with a standard GI system halfway through my shoot. I’ve never been able to tell any difference other than ease of disassembly. Accuracy remained the same.

I decided I’m going to replace the grips. I have a set of smooth Ebony grips I may put on it but that still up in the air. I’m going to add a black mainspring housing with stainless magwell to top it off. I’ll post images when I get it dressed up.

The target is from a rest at 50ft and was 24 rounds.

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Nice! I enjoy visiting Bud's and SMGun. Great price for a full size Kimber including an optic. IMO
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Nice looking Kimber and great shooting.
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Old 08-06-2020, 10:13 AM   #4
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That’s some serious shooting right there.
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The dot really helps. I used to shoot USPSA in the 90’s and had a 38 super race gun built with on a Caspian frame. I had an Aimpoint dot and switched later to Propoint. These were large tubes on a large awkward mount. They worked but were huge. I’m just amazed at how far these sights have come.

The only negative and it’s my fault is oil getting on the optics. I really soak my new pistols in oil and a lot of it winds up getting on the optics. I’ll start cutting back on oil and shouldn’t have any problems.
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...great find/buy!!! ...I be a .38 Super fan myownself...
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Originally Posted by Oklahomabound View Post
...great find/buy!!! ...I be a .38 Super fan myownself...
I’d love to see Kimber produce a series of 1911 with a set of matched barrels. A 9mm frame & barrel with a matched 38 super, 38 super comp or 9x21 with a compensator or without. An alternative might be 10mm, 40, 357sig.

Matched barrels are common with skeet and trap shooters, why would not it gain popularity with 1911 shooters. A few years ago I bought a 9mm Springfield and was going to have a 38 superwoman fitted but decided to buy a Kimber Eclipse Target. If a combo package had been available I’d probably gone that route.
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Looks great, I like those grips.
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Good luck with your new Kimber. I have 2 LW and really enjoy them
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Old 09-15-2020, 03:55 PM   #10
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I've admired the look of that model. Nice to know it shoots as well as it looks.
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