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Hey gang,
Having finally picking up my first Kimber, and thus finding and joining this site, Iíve been reading/researching online more about their products. One of the sites I use is called Itís a source for lots of weapon and general news and views. Have been using Reddit for years. Iíve found lots of love and hate for this forums namesake. Hey that rhythms. Hereís a recent example of the dark side.

Kimber 1911's Are Bad or: How I learned to stop buying Kimbers and love the 1911 : guns

Iím wondering if anyone here uses reddit and what your thoughts are on all the haters. Could it just be people getting pissy because of the cost of Kimberís, holding a grudge from past issues, not hugged enough? Or am I missing something? Enlighten me. I know there were QC troubles awhile back. But mention Springfield, Sig Sauer, or Dan Wilson etc and people stand up drooling. Kimber meh.

I like my UAII, itís my first 9mm and Iím planning on it being my summer EDC. The size, fit in my hand, trigger, & smooth feed ramp are great. Moneyís tight for me, and thereís so many pistol choices out there. I donít have any Ďbuyerís remorseí or second thoughts about adding this piece to my collection.

If youíve never used reddit, itís pretty cool. There are many topics you can find, hereís some other interesting (to me) sub-reddits;
1911 The 1911 Pistol Subreddit

Quality Kimber pics (gun porn) GunPorn: search results

CCW Concealed Carry Weapons

There is a Sig Sauer subreddit, but not a Kimber one. (I have a few Sigs) Why? Hop to it Senior Members! Iím not in any way trying to take away from this forum, just furthering the discussion with questions and other sources of info.
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I got about half way through the first link you posted and decided that guy has a problem. He lost me when he said "I have never seen a Kimber finish a single match without f******g up" (the *** are my editing). Aside from not knowing what he's talking about I don't think he's capable of completing a sentence without dropping at least one F-Bomb.
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That's an extreme example of what I've seen.
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Old 12-08-2013, 07:14 AM   #4
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Personal opinion: To many, guns are like politics or football. Everybody hates a winner and despises a loser. While I don't doubt there have been some Kimbers that were less than perfect, I also know, from personal experience, Colt has produced a few bombs in their time too. (no pun intended)
I am on my first Kimber and am very happy with it. I think those that condemn the weapon have either never handled one, or improperly handled one. Most 1911's are built with somewhat liberal tolerances. Kimbers are not. Trying to put a Kimber through it's paces with the same casual attention to detail that is acceptable with other makers can be less than favorable with a Kimber.
When I bought mine, I was warned to grip the gun tightly when firing it. It has shot everything I have put in it. Including some homemade semi wadcutters. My wife, whom has very little shooting experience, went straight from her Bera 380, which she held very casually, to the Kimber. After telling her it would not tolerate the same grip, I told her to ensure the grip safety was deactivated, she had no issues with it. She also likes it better than her Bersa.
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Once I read in any blog how the writer doesn't like Kimbers because there are some MIM parts, stop reading, because I know the writer has no idea what he is talking about.

MIM parts are widely used in the firearms industry. They are used by Smith and by Ruger. No one complains about them. It's easy to try to come across as some internet guru by saying Kimber's are no good because they use modern metallurgical techniques. Frankly, I think that's idiotic.

Now, I'll be the first to say I'm no expert. I haven't been around guns all my life. I have been around guns, though, for over 30 years, and I can pretty much find my way around a 1911. I've shot plenty of them. I have never had a problem with any of my Kimbers. Maybe I'm just lucky, but they have been excellent for me. I've had Colt's jam up, and Springers, and I sent an RIA back for some tune up work one time. Never a Kimber.

Take that for what it's worth, but I think you have a fine pistol, and will enjoy it for many years to come.
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Old 12-08-2013, 02:07 PM   #6
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I believe my Kimber is a great piece. No worries there. That example of comments is just that, an example. I personally take things with a grain of salt. I'm a bit of a skeptic. I like doing my research, not necessarily take some strangers rant on the inter-web's word for it. I'm just curious as to what Kimber Talk's thoughts were. This'll give me more info to digest and mull over from you very learn'ed enthusiasts...
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