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First Range Report

Hey guys. I finally put the first 50 rounds through my Micro Sapphire. I wanted to do more but my ammo hadn't come in from FreedomMunitions and the local gun shops charge way to much for 380 ACP. Anyways... on to the report: I really like the way it shoots. After the first clip, I noticed the slide did not want to advance all the way forward after inserting the 2nd clip. I was just a little more aggressive with pulling the slide back and it fixed the problem. My guess was it needed a little more oil. (You guys were right about Kimbers liking oil). Also, I noticed on the last 14 rounds, the slide did not lock open on the last round. I wasn't sure if this was from the gun heating up after quickly putting the first 36 rounds through? I had the problem with my Shield 9 mm because I was thumbing the slide lock. I did my best to make sure I wasn't doing this with my Micro, but it's still possible. I also put 25 rounds of Hornady CD through it to make sure the Kimber liked it before carrying it. The Kimber loved them! Other than the 2 minor "hiccups" I love the way the Kimber Micro shoots. It feels great in the hand and is very accurate after I got a feel for it. Very pleased. (I oiled the crap out of it when I cleaned it after the range. Won't be having that problem again!)
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Have fun with your new Micro!
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Sounds like a good range session to me. Once you get the FA shipment you can really wring it out. With such a small gun, it's pretty easy to get a finger in the way.
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Congrats on the Micro-I really like mine.
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Good range report. Maybe on the next one you will have pictures of your Micro and dead targets. Enjoy your Kimber!

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Nice range report, as you get more rounds through the gun it will loosen up and won't require oiling as much.
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The problem was that you were using "clips" when you should have used "magazines". (Somebody had to say it). Seriously sounds like you have a keeper!

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Originally Posted by Islander View Post
The problem was that you were using "clips" when you should have used "magazines". (Somebody had to say it). Seriously sounds like you have a keeper!
Clips? Had a few of those for my old Mauser bolt action I used to have. Stick it in and push the rounds down. They were uncomfortable in the pocket though. Tips of the rounds would jab ya in the leg.
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I got to do it to. Clips are for chips. Magazine boy I said boy it's a magazine.
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Glad to hear that things went well. Buy more ammo and shoot it like you stole it.


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