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Lubricant for my new Kimber

Sorry everyone, I know this has been covered before, but I could not find it. Kimber put in their manual to not use a lube. They put to use Shooters Choice FP-10, they even give a sample with the gun. Is there any reason not to use a lube such as Froglube? Any help on the best way to clean and keep my new micro carry working like it should. Thanks everyone for all your help.
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I don't use FP-10 exclusively but I've never had a problem with it. If Kimber recommends it (and they do) then any problem you have while using it is on them.
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Stay away from Frog Lube or other solid or cream type lubes. They will heat up from prolonged shooting and ooze into places you don't want (like trigger and hammer assembly's and solid up again. Friend of mine had his 1911 freeze up, tore it down and the Frog lube had run inside and gumed up the works. If you do use it, go sparingly on the slide only.

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Thanks, you make a great point. As an added topic, I love the look of the micro carry stainless. The workmanship is top notch. I had fun trying to take it apart the first time, had to ask my son for his help. After he stopped giving me a hard time, he showed me how. Lol, then he had to show me how to put it back together. I can now take it apart and back together all by my little self.
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This is your mission should you decide to accept it.
I use BreakFree CLP but have one used Ultra that had been Froglube'd without any problems.
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Thanks 2Sharp, I think I will try what Kimber has recommended, the Shooters Choice FP-10. I will see if I have any problems when I take it out for the first time.
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Looking for the best lube is less important than using one of many good lubes...and cleaning and lubing your gun properly on a frequent basis. There are many good lube choices out there. Take your pick. Kimber's recommended lube is a safe choice. Don't believe all the hype you hear from the exotic and expensive ones. Heck, some local old and far more experienced gun owners than me use any brand 5w-20 full synthetic motor oil. LOL
Everyone has their favorite. Don't get OCD over which one to use. Experiment with several and have fun.
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I worked with a guy and after shooting found him soaking his gun in a sink full of warm water to clean it. True story. A true "gun nut" huh? It always worked for him though so who knows, maybe he knew something we didn't. And no, I never tried it.
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I've been using FP-10 on my Kimber's and it gets the job done. Kimber recommends it and it's not hard to find at a reasonable price.

If I was going use grease I would probably use Mil-Comm TW25B. I use it on my Sig and I've never seen it gum up, run, freeze or fly off. Real slippery stuff.

I don't think you will have issues with most lubes, just make sure you start with a clean gun.
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Started using Break Free to clean and Mobil 1 to lube years ago. Works for me.
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