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Glazer Safety Rounds

Sorry if this is in the wrong place. A guy at the station showed me a photo of an idiot who while cleaning his gun shot himself dead center in his palm with a Glazer Safety Round. Fabulous wound. It blew a great hole in his hand, shredding it and exposing several bones. The wound was overall about the size of a half dollar and quite spectacular. You'll have to imagine it as I can't share it sorry but consider my description. Years ago I bought a pack of these but I can't even remember what calibre probably 45. For those of you old enough when they came out the inventor would offer a Mod 29 for anyone shooting someone and not killing them with a Glazer, if my memory serves me right. As I recall they had to stop the offer for legal reasons. Just a little happy story on this lovely Friday night to remind us to UNLOAD weapons prior to cleaning.
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If I recall right Glazers were a gel filled with fine shot and were supposed to expand with great effect. As I recall they were pretty much a failure. I think a near contact wound would would be pretty nasty but there was no range to them.
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As I recall they had a teflon type tip that was not a uniform shape and the small pellets behind it. When it hit it was supposed to totally fragment and leave all the kinetic energy of the round in the body. They were NOT supposed to ever exit what they hit. From the damage that I saw it was quite devastating to this idiots hand, and did in fact exit the back of his hand leaving a gaping wound. John

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They were an attempt to end over penetration, but the problem was lack of penetration. Heavy winter clothing and lite concealment could stop the rounds effectiveness in its track. The real world rarely reacts the same way a bare block of gelliton does.
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The Glaser Safety Slug was a frangible bullet made by Cor-Bon/Glaser, a subsidiary of Dakota Ammo, an American ammunition company based in Sturgis, South Dakota. The Glaser Safety Slug was developed by Jack Canon in 1975, the same year the company was founded by Armin Glaser. The original round was a hand made hollow point bullet filled with No. 12 birdshot (0.05") with a flat polymer cap. To improve ballistic performance, a polymer tipped round ball was introduced in 1987, and the current compressed core form was first sold in 1988. The formulation of the polymer was also changed in 1994 to improve fragmentation reliability.
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I never heard of of Glazer Safety Round. After I read the thread title I thought it might be a new snap cap on the market.
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What exactly is the description of a "Safety" round? Didn't seen safe to me, but shooting yourself in the hand isn't on my bucket list either.
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I thought it was a fat-free doughnut.

Actually, I remember my Dad experimenting with these years ago. In the end, I know he didn't use them for anything - I doubt the PD would have approved anyway. PD being just him and the Chief LOL.
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Do some reading on the early 90s Strasboug goat tests
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I remember them but never bought any. Didn't fall for the hype.
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