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Kimber Micro 380

Bought my first Kimber Micro 380 several weeks ago. First gun had some problems chambering and had to extract one spent shell by hand. The action would not lock back after the last shell was fired. So back to the dealer. Gave me a second gun; action would not lock back about 50% of the time on this one. They called Kimber and did not seem to get much satisfaction. So now I am on my 3rd gun; but yet to fire it. They keep telling me it is in the magazine spring?? I expected more out of Kimber??????????? Anybody know what's happening?
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Welcome to the forum from northern Illinois Pukwana, I'm not a Micro Carry owner but it seems that the majority of the guys having problems were due to the recoil spring. I'm sure one of them will jump in here in a bit.
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Welcome to the site from Tennessee! Sorry don't own a Micro.
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I had failure to go completely into battery with my Micro when I first got it. Lacked about 1/32 of fully closing. (Problem was new mag wasn't broke in yet) I also picked up two Sig P238 6 round mags that run flawless. Some have swapped the recoil spring out with a Colt Mustang Spring. (12 pounds compared to 8). Mine worked itself out after about 300 rounds. Runs fine every time now.

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Welcome to the forum. I'd suggest you shoot the gun and then report your experience. Your third Micro may be sweet.

My Micro has about 250 rounds on it. I have experienced a few FTFs and fail to return to battery. I am still breaking it in so to speak.

Be sure to clean and lube it before firing it.
I love my Micro. Once you get yours working just right, you'll love yours, too.
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Just a few thoughts,
...recently I ordered a Wilson Combat flat wire recoil kit for a Pro sized Kimber. On the product description page there is a test to determine if your recoil spring is TOO STRONG. Basically if you load one round in a mag, grip loosely, fire the round and have the slide lock open the spring is NOT TOO STRONG. They suggest doing this 5-10 times to be sure. This test would suggest if you do not get a locked open action the spring is too strong. As these are brand new pistols, chances are things will break in? You can rack the slide a bunch of times with no mag to help the process along?
...with any mags you can load them and let them sit for a few days to help take the edge off. I've got several sitting loaded as we speak for that reason :-)
...if you call Kimber they will generally set you up with an RMA and have you send in the pistol. In my case I was still having intermittent issues after about 500 rounds, I sent her in for the "SPA TREATMENT" and she came back happy. So there's always that option :-)
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I had the same issue with failure to slide lock. Turned out to be the slide lock shaft...there was a slight burr. Once the shaft was polished up, all worked great.
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Pukwana, I have the Micro Raptor and it's running like a well
oiled machine. I couldn't be happier with mine. run those
Kimbers wet
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Just got my first one and its also having issues, different from yours but im about to take it back to the shop today.
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Kimber sent us a new spring for our Micro but haven't had a chance to see if it resolves the failure to return to full battery issue or not.
While waiting on the new Micro to arrive from Kimber, I purchased a couple seven round mag's and pre-loaded them to break then in before the Micro arrived.
Obviously this did not help with the failure to return to full battery issue.
I should also note that our Micro was ammo sensitive and would not digest the 90 gr Federal Lawmaker Hydrashock at all.
Seems this little Micro is following in the footsteps of it's predecessor ( the Solo )when it comes to working out the bugs as a new production gun.
But ( like the Solo ) I have no doubts Kimber will get it working right in time.

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