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Ultra Crimson Carry II remains rock solid.

1360 total rounds after 50 rounds of Sellier& Bellot 230 grn fmj and 8 rounds of Hornady 200 grn XTP Critical Defense jhp's today. Used the original 7rnd Kimber magazine that l have used since day one along with 2 8rnd Kimpro Tac Mags. and even used my Ruger 7rnd magazine. No hicups. This is why it is my EDC!
First two magazines using the laser at center mass standing unsupported at 9 yrds. 27 ft.
The remainder same as above no laser.
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Very nice. I could do that at 2 feet haha.
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Nice shooting glockrok, Some nice guns you have there.
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Yep. My Ultra CDP II is my GOTO gun too. You have good taste Glokrok.
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Sorry if this sounds like I'm repeating myself, but GOOD SHOOTING!
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Good shooting, but l'm sure you hear that a lot. Carry on!
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Good shooting, fine looking pistols. Love the Ultra's!
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Nice shooting!
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The Custom Carry with the bone grips is soooo nice. And the Raptors, well they are the gingiest ! Now we'll see how old you guys are. And great targets
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Great shooting glokrok.
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