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break-in ammo

been reading (here and other sources) about using quality ammo for break-in. has anyone used federal champion 230gr acp ammo? i noticed the primer is smaller than federal premium and remington rounds and wondered if this ammo would be ok to use during the break-in period. its usually cheaper and always seems to be in stock when others are out of stock
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My .02
I used anything and any 45 acp to shoot tru my Ultra
Never a Hicup.. I even used 10 yr old reloads
I say Shoot whatever..
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I'm not acquainted with Federals "Champion" line so I did a quick search on some of the other forums I visit.

One place I found this....... Federal Champion is basically Federal American Eagle economy brand ammo packaged in a new box and marketed for Walmart. If you look at the Champion's product number it starts with "WM" and was sold exclusively at Walmart.

On another it stated that it was a weaker powered load again produced for Walmart.

If in fact it is not a standard load then I wouldn't use it to break in a new tight gun. You want a full powered standard FMJ load until the gun is broken in.
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I'm not familiar with federals Champion line either, but just about any name brand factory ammo should be fine.

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I'm not familiar with that particular ammo either.

But as long as we're chipping in our .02, my CCCII did not like the WWB .45 230 gr very much. But loved the PMC 230 gr. Seemed to have a little more kick to it, but I may have been hallucinating on powder residue in the air.
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I see a range report coming.
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Me too

Originally Posted by Sketter View Post
I'm using Winchester white box with no problem
I have used them too with no issues. Still breaking in my ultra.
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I don't need no stinking break in ammo!! I have fed my Custom Stainless II thousands of rounds of American Eagle, PMC, Blazer Brass and Winchester White Box. It is all quality American made ammo. No foreign junk or reloads. (I don't trust anyone else's reloads.) I use the pistol for concealed carry and competition and never have had a failure of any type. It digests my carry load, Winchester Supreme PDX2 230 grain hollow points, like they were candy. It just keeps shooting. In fact, the more I shoot it, the smoother it gets and the more accurate it is.

It's either the pistol or I'm just lucky, because it sure does some great shooting. It can't all be me!!!
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good to hear, thanks for the input. i think ill put the champions in the back of the safe till after breakin. ive heard these guns will eat anything without issue (other than maybe mag issues, but thats a whole other thread)
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What to shoot...

I'd shoot everything and anything just for "break-in" and also to see how the different types of ammo perform.
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