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Kimber resell value

Don't get me wrong, I am not bashing Kimber. I have two Kimber pistol's for sale in the firearm section. I have dropped the price down from what I paid for them $500.00 to $600.00 on each pistol. Makes me wonder why Kimber's are so hard to sell. I would almost have to give them away. These are my first Kimber's, I have mostly dealt with SIG's and S & W's. I have sold quite a few of them and have never had to drop the prices on SIG's like this. Makes me regret ever buying them. I might get stuck with these,but I will never buy another Kimber.
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Over at they have tons of guns for sell and seldom sell. Don't know.
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Maybe hard here because most of us own most of them already. Dunno.

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I know I had two Sig Super Target which is SIG's new 1911 and sold both of them with no problem at all. They sold within a couple of hours after Iisted them on SigForum and I got just what I paid for them.
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Depends on what you paid for them. Did you pay too much? Did you see what they are going for on GunBroker? I look on GB often just to see what prices are and wish I could purchase off there site. Out here in CA, you should pay about 20% too much!! lol
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I guess I am confused. Are you just buying these for resell purposes? If so, I would hope that you bought them for much better prices than you did. I realize life happens and sometimes everyone is forced to make some sacrifices and sell things that they hadn't planned on. The prices that these are listed at now, I would think that they would move pretty quickly.
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Sorry about your trouble with selling your guns. But yeah, most people hear have multiple Kimbers already add that to the fact that Kimbers are the most mass produced 1911s made. Make it not really difficult to find the one you want and most people want a new gun. Will make it a little tougher to sell a used Kimber then some other harder to find 1911s.
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I tell ya I've never had any luck selling guns without taking a beating and that was many many brands over the years. Some people can get fair prices but I never have been able to. That's why I won't sell any of my guns ever again.
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If I'm going to pay full retail for a gun it's going to be new and from a reputable dealer. Your guns are used even if they have never been fired.
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No gun shows in your area? Walk around with them or you might find a buyer at the door before ever walking in.
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