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Lurking lurker.....

OK, ok, ok.........

No post count guy here. As mentioned in a some threads, I did sign up to lurk! I just wanted to see what you Kimbery guys were upto! Being a spying plant from Glock and S&W forums, I needed to see what was going on here and report back the devious activities.

Now, that that's out of the way.......

I really am lurking to learn about the 1911 in general and the Kimber specifically. I really am a Glock 40 cal (work issue and a couple privately owned) guy and do like my Smith wheel guns. In reality, I'm all over the page....... I like guns! LOL!!! Ruger and Colt 22s etc., various rifles, yada, yada, yada.

I just recently started oogling the Ultra Carry II 9mm in Sapphire. Like I said, being a 1911 noob..... I've been sponging up as much info as I can. guys sold me on the Ultra and I'm waiting on it now!
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Welcome to the forum from Ohio. Lots of friendly, helpful people here.

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Welcome from Northeast, Pa.
I have a Diamond Ultra-9 and it's a great gun. It's very accurate and very reliable. I have shot 115 and 124gr ammo through this gun without one failure. I have several polymer guns and I also like many brands of guns. I have to say I'm shooting my 1911's more and more and I like them better than my other guns. The triggers are so much better than any polymer gun I own. I'm not getting rid of all my polymer guns but I would say any new purchases I make are probably going to be 1911 based guns. I think you'll like them.
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Welcome to the forum from northern Illinois HDMotorcop, I'm glad that you've decided to become an active member. I'm proud to say we have a number of retired LEO's on our forum.
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Welcome aboard...
I have a hard time liking guns of color outside of the various tones of camo, black or blue... But that is your choice. The finish on Kimbers is not the only selling point I'd like to think. But that they are ALL great guns....

If I was going to get another Ultra, I really love the Raptor lines in Stainless Steel. Otherwise, I have the Kimber Ultra Raptor Covert II... An excellent shooter and nail driver. I'm amazed on the Ultra size 1911's accuracy...
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Welcome from a former LEO in Indiana . I have a few Kimbers and my Ultra is a Super Carry Plus. Also a couple of Harley's .
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Welcome and we share a like of guns. I enjoy my Kimbers along with my Glocks and S&W wheel guns. Enjoy your stay here....
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Another welcome to the forum from Ohio!!

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Welcome aboard HD, enjoy your stay...
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HDM, welcome to the site from Tennessee. Except for the Glock's I am right there with you, love Smith wheel guns and guns in general.
I have several different Ultra's all of them function perfectly.
I kind of like the Sapphires also, these two are 9mm, bought before they were offered in .45acp.
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