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Knives and a certain redhead.

I have a quasi-rigid rule in my business, "First in, first out." Yes, I make exceptions--for cops and soldiers about to be deployed.

I also know when to "fold 'em." You see, I have a client who I believe truly has the killer instinct we all brag that we have, too.

Little strip of a girl named Kayla. Barely five feet tall, and perhaps 100 pounds on a good day. I polish her stuff right away.

One, she's a good client, sold her two knives last week. But as she left she asked if I could polish her TOPS C.A.T. as it was dull. I told her it no problem, my clients have "life sharp."

Now 1095 is not your grandpa's steel. The knives made for WWII were 1084 or 1095 but somehow "coarser" to the stone. The new 1095 polishes like the Japanese kitchen knife version, or like American examples of CPM alloys.

Kayla's knife was dull, devoid of any polish and chipped in a few places. The nice thing was there was +2/3s of my bevel still showing, and the stones laid flat against that without shifting.

I'm finishing the tanto bevel today, I have one stone left and then the glass. Maybe an hour, this new 1095 version does not seem to show whisker marks.

So as a word of warning, be careful around little girls. Kayla gets her knife back really soon--and she dyed her hair blonde to be incognito...
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You've nothing to worry about, dawg. The ninja assassin would never slice up her togishi.

Unless... it was part of some kind of weird consensual cutting ritual. Seriously, Chico, you and she are getting out of hand. Seek help before something bad happens. This can't end well.
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Green-eyed redheads are the most dangerous species known to mankind. This would be controversial if everybody didn't know how true it is, and the only way you wouldn't know was if you had never met one.
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Pragmatism: the relentless pursuit of seeing things as they really are.
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Originally Posted by RustyIron View Post
The ninja assassin would never slice up her togishi.
History relates beheading a sloppy togishi was a regular practice. But, there was always new chances for work.

Not many know that higher ranking Samurai (or ones that worked directly for the Chrysanthemum Royalty) had their own personal togishi. If 5,000 men went into combat, 5,000 togishi families followed along.

Not all Samurai came back, and not all katanas were polished perfectly.

User would then seek an out of work craftsman...

(We're using logic here discussing the thought processes of a redhead, you know that.)
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...No matter where you are it's enemy territory...
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