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Which pocket?

Which pocket do you carry your pocket knife in, and why?

I have carried a knife for longer than I have CC. Got used to carrying my knife in my strong side (left for me) front pocket.
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Strong side in a mid thigh pocket. If I stand with my arm straight at my side my hand will rest on it.
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Strong side, rear, because it's easy to deploy and it doesn't interfere with a gun or phone.
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Always strong side ...in watch pocket of jeans or waste band in dress pants or khakis. Never in strong side pants pocket ... that's where I carry my strip loader for J-frame. Everything else goes "weak side" or left for me.
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Strong side front pocket for me....just wouldn't be very good at pulling my knife using my left hand.
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Right front pocket but it's a very old knife of my dad's.
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Old 12-05-2017, 12:30 AM   #7
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Two auto blades. One on each side accessible to each hand.
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The main one is in my right front pocket for my dominant hand.

I wear a gray jean vest with one knife towards the front of each inside pocket. Admittedly, the Ruger Compact has been honed to cut meat, of all kinds.

I like the Kizer for the dominant knife, but I think I'm going to replace it with an Emerson-Protech. It's getting to be an ugly world.
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Switchblade in strong side right front pocket, inexpensive 4" blade do everything folder clipped inside strong side back pocket.
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Strong side, usually a flipper, and i’m Pretty good at getting it out of my pocket and flipping it open. Better actually if I dont think about it. Just got a good deal on a ZT0801 in Elmax, so will be ‘tuning’ that up today.
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