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ZT0801 - The journey Begins

As I mentioned in another discussion here, I recently bought a used Zero Tolerance 0801 folder, which is made with Elmax steel. This is one of the powdered steels, which is supposed to take/hold a keen edge, and polish, in the right hands.

The knife overall is in good condition, with what I would classify as the usual pocket wear. The body and blade hardly show any use, with just the pocket clip really showing its age. I'll either replace it, or simply satin finish it later.

The edge had a slight polished look to it, though the edge had very little 'edge'. It actually looked like the prior owner tried for a convex edge, or at a minimum free-handed the edge.

When I started sharpening, I knew I was going to have to fix the bevel before I could begin any progression up through finer stones. As you might imagine, this process (removing consistent amounts of metal) can take the longest time. Basically flipping side-to-side, working with my 100 grit diamond (KME Gold) until I got a consistent burr from Tip-to-Heal. This process took over an hour, but them I was able to step through the stones at a reasonable pace. Full disclosure, I did start yesterday, spent a few hours, and then fussed with a few different strops this morning.

The result was far better than where I started. I am going to see how this edge holds up. I can fuss with it over time, refining the angle for something more utilitarian, and then work on the 'perfect-ish' polish. For now, it will shave 2-day-old beard quite nicely.

Thanks for looking.
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It looks good. As for time, you were working with a knife that might be a little off, but it wasn't full of dings, dents and chips. Your mention of "time" shows me that you're serious.

Some of the best times I've had calming the mind chatter (all polishers are OCD, by the way) is getting all my stones and pastes ready, a big mug of highly priced, sub-standard coffee, and several hours of Zen and the swish of a the stones.

I used to cast bullets that way, too. One little defect, and the bullet went back into the casting pot!

Consider the bigger picture. Most modern people throw away stuff when it stops working. But not togishi, polishers or tinkers. When you first put that stone on the bevel, you joined a 1,000 year old line of tradition and a desire for excellence.

As you know, Chuck's knife had a pie-cut chip right near the juncture of two bevels. That repair required a "soft hand." But several hundred years ago, a battered Samurai or Ronin walked off the battlefield and handed his prize katana to guys like you and me.

I've never repaired battle damage, but that togishi was up all night repairing and polishing that katana. All he had was a wedge of wood, a few stones, and chips of mica to grind into polishing powder. Japan was united because of craftsmen.

Knife guys are some of the most honest tradesmen I know. And I hate charlatans that produce knives like Chuck's and what was done to Richard's knife two years ago. The polishers I know would never do that.

You've just joined a guild that crosses the millennia. Welcome aboard!
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