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...and I got the last one...

One of my favorite knives is the Kizer G-10 Linerlock. Oh, and it's one of the ugliest knives I've ever seen. I just ordered my third one this morning, and I'm glad I did. I got the last one!

Here's why I want it. When the knife was first offered to the public, it sold for 205.95, which is very fair for a Kizer. The price has been dropping, and I paid 59 bucks for this last one, the other two I own cost 69 dollars.

I know something about the company, and it shares their assembly idea as Spyderco did once on a special knife.

There are companies all over the world that employ artisans to assemble specialized projects. One of these companies (in Italy I believe) is called "Lion Steel." They made/assembled parts of the knife for Spyderco's "Lion Spy" because the handles (both in titanium and aluminum) were machined from one, solid piece of metal.

My Kizers are assembled in either China or perhaps Russia. Now before you laugh, these are companies that might also be building computers or medical accessories. They exist because their work is perfect.

Now this G-10 Linerlock has an S35VN blade. When that alloy first came out the blade blank alone might have cost 50 bucks. Not many people know that cutlery steel offered by Crucible is merely five percent of their sales.

Now, the ZT0909 that I own is also made from S35VN. If memory serves, they go out the door for 225 dollars, and they are not handmade. I used to know their former veep of sales (Diane), and we had many conversations about their lousy bevels. In fact, Doc met with one of their officers at a blade show once--in his hand was a polished 0560 which had been air shipped to him from Wisconsin, of all places, by some slovenly mercenary...

I have two back-ups, I'll look at all three, take the "bad" one and diamond slurry the edge for a "eating utensil" at Doolittle's. Their steak knives are terrible, by the way. However, I've never seen a bad Kizer, so the choice may take a bit.

It is coming here this Thursday or Friday, and a knife at 3.2 million grit takes about four days. Ugly is as ugly does, and this will be one of my finest knives, possibly outranking my collection of Whalers.

Stay tuned...
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