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Playing with metal and rocks.

I really want to sharpen my new knife, but it's still usably sharp from the manufacturer, so instead I decided to practice some new ideas on one of the older knives. Mainly, I wanted to find out what's up with this "polishing tape" stuff.

The plan was to bring it up to 5k, then see what happened with the tape. I didn't have any glass, so I mounted the tape on plastic of approximately the correct thickness. I didn't want to look for any Mother's in the garage, so I grabbed some Meguiar's Crystal Polish.

The blade still isn't Chico Pretty or Chico Sharp, but it's the best I've done so far. It looks fairly shiny to the naked eye, but flaws are evident behind the camera lens.

This is the sharpest I've ever done. It's to the point where you don't want to let your finger drag across the blade lengthwise, and you need to be careful touching it crosswise. I lathered up a bowl of shaving soap to see how it would do on my arm. I get a clean shave, but it's pretty uncomfortable compared to my Japanese razor blades. I can't wait to try it out on something real... like opening letters or hacking away at copper wire.
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Rusty, I had never heard of polishing tapes, so I did some google-ing. I'm seriously impressed with the mirror you have on that bevel. Are you free hand or using a guided system? Either way, buddy that's a nice edge! Very impressive.
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Thanks, Doc.
I share the project not to show that I'm talented, but to show that a guy with minimal experience can do some pretty good work with the right guidance.

I started with a Chicom Edge Pro that cost something like forty bucks. It works, but it's broken a few times which required epoxy and improvisation. Someday soon I might up my game by getting a real Edge Pro.

After getting comfortable with that, I got a handful of stones from Ken Schwartz. I just bought what he told me to buy. Those are more expensive than you might expect for a rock, but they were the next step that I needed.

Recently, Chico told me about the polishing tape and Mother's polish. This was my first time playing with that, and it's certainly been an improvement.

One of these days I'll start concerning myself more with the aesthetics of the blade, as well as functionality. But right now I'm just sticking to one thing at a time, to avoid becoming overwhelmed.

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