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The Samurai and the Three Togishi

The most respected Samurai in the land was in need of a togishi (sword polisher) to care for his weapons. Word spread far and wide among the members of the Togishi Guild, and the three finest craftsmen in the world were summoned to the Samurai's estate to exhibit their skill. A Japanese togishi travelled by horse to the meeting, the togishi from Nanking came across the sea in a junk, and a Cheesehead from the States rode in on his Hog.

The Samurai and the Three Togishi sat on bamboo mats in the parlor. The Samurai asked the Japanese togishi to demonstrate the quality of his work. The Japanese togishi withdrew a matchbox from his kimono and opened it. Out popped a bumblebee who buzzed around the room. The togishi unsheathed his tanto, and WOOOSH!, the bumblebee fell to the floor in two perfectly dissected halves. "Very impressive," exclaimed the Samurai.

Next, the Samurai asked the Chinese togishi to show him his finest blade. The Chinse togishi pulled a matchbox out of his Shenyi Robe, opened it, and out buzzed a common housefly. The togishi drew his katana, and WOOOSH! WOOOSH! WOOOSH! The fly dropped dead on the floor, in four precisely equal portions. The Samurai exclaimed, "Your blades are truly amazing!"

Now it was the Cheesehead's turn. When asked to show the quality of his work, the Cheesehead fished around in his worn out Levi's for a matchbox, from which emerged a tiny black gnat. As the gnat flitted about the room, the Cheesehead withdrew a Kershaw Barge, the edge of which was polished with 0.005 micron nanoslurry. The Cheesehead made a wild slashing move through the air, WOOOSH!, and the gnat continued buzzing right out the window.

The others sat there incredulously, staring at the Cheesehead. Finally, the Samurai broke the silence, "Dude! What was that? The gnat is still alive!" The Cheesehead calmly replied, "True, but he will never have children."

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