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New switchblade, pictures to follow.

I just returned from my local UPS hub and reclaimed my new switchblade. We shall not get started on the bonehead antics of my local UPS driver, at least not while I'm armed...

The knife is a tan/tan Boker Kalshnikov, and the edge is incredible for a mass produced factory folder. I think it might need a light shaping and a standard polish, so I'm going to work it in today with the last three Barges.

I don't feel 100% yet, but my wife is gone to see her mother and will not be home until 8:00PM. That means I can do a stone, eat and sleep and no one knows but you!

The dog is relaxed, mainly because I feed him more than the starvation amounts my wife gives him--which is why he sits under my chair and against me in bed.

And BTW, from now on, my right side folder will be a switchblade. Our mall's only nod to safety is requiring teenagers to have "parental supervision" on the weekends. My friends are in their 80s and one old guy, Derek, will be 91 in a few weeks. I'm not a baby-sitter, I'm a body guard...
...No matter where you are it's enemy territory...
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These are the pictures of my new EDC switchblade. I had one just like it (once) and foolishly sold it. I had the devil's own time in trying to find the exact same knife.

Jane at HORIZON BLADEWORKS found one and only one. She graciously shipped it. Something about the "guy who pays their rent." Frankly, hyperbole. I'll admit to "contributing."

Right now, this is the sharpest and most dangerous knife of all my folders. The tip is really a needle. But it also opens the hardest, the fastest and the loudest, so I doubt any local street pretender is going to advance on it.

They make these Boker Kalashnikov switchblades in all colors. They are coil driven, and they can be stored closed, unlike a leaf spring model.

Right now I asked Jane if she could find me another tan/tan. Could be several weeks...


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...No matter where you are it's enemy territory...
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That’s one purdy blade you have there Chico!


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I do want to expand on why I chose this particular knife. Overall, the reason is that you "cannot plan the emergency." Let me explain.

I was talking to SnowTao a few days ago, and mentioned the speed of deployment, the loud opening sound, and the razor edge of this particular knife. As you know, I believe in Massad Ayoob's view on "fending."

If I even feel the slightest shift in the room by instinct, I start checking my exits, sharing this with my wife, and getting my possessions stuffed into my jacket.

If some guy starts a "too friendly" chat, I slip my thumb into my right front pants pocket. This Boker is "tip up," and pulling it clear places my thumb naturally on the deployment button.

Here's my logic. Most guns when holstered have some form of snapping security, usually a thumb-break. If the guy wants to draw the weapon, he has to at least move his shirt, detach the thumb strap and draw the weapon clear.

My switchblade bests that time, usually in 1/3rd of the time. Before the firearm clears, the perp is cut at least once. His natural instinct is to move back, allowing my draw.

I do not believe this is paranoia. Ideally, you should not let people close on you. Anytime they are within the 21 foot circle you are at a disadvantage. The problem with this is that at a busy mall, numerous people sit, stand and walk by you continuously.

And to make matters worse, the last few times my wife and I have been to the mall I have not seen a sworn officer or mall security. MY guess is that the new surveillance cameras are filling in for manpower.

And frankly, the changes within Madison have cut our coffee cafe' attendance to once per week, rather than the previous daily trek. If I know our pals are coming, we go. In bad weather or store wide sales, we stay home.

I have also noticed that the B&N management is getting a tad thin. It's a good thing they have a competent staff. They even walk to their cars at the close in groups of two.
...No matter where you are it's enemy territory...
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