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Emerson: Got it back

Tonight's plan was to address at least one kitchen knife. It's the one Mrs. Iron uses the most, and she was complaining about it. I'd wager big bucks that it's the sharpest knife of anyone she knows (except for her sister, who just picked up two of HER kitchen knives this afternoon). Yet, she wants it better. Clearly, I've created a monster.

So I started by cutting a steeper angle. Since Ken Schwarz's stones are expensive, I decided to use a cheap stone for the initial profile. It was like trying to cut through a Kimber slide with a butter knife. I don't know why some stones cut faster than others, but apparently you get what you pay for.

After wrapping that one up, I was experimenting on a couple blades that I carry frequently, when my wife walked in with the mail and announced that I had a package.

What? I wasn't expecting anything. But... WAIT! Emerson was fixing a knife that I didn't like. Could it be?

YES! My Emerson was here!

I've talked about this knife in the past. It's a left-handed Commander. The handle design is the absolute best of any knife I've ever owned. It's a perfect shape if you find yourself in the unfortunate predicament where someone needs to get stuck in order to stop their attack. What I don't like is the friction of the pivot. And I really didn't like that the detent that holds it closed was weak.

Emerson improved the detent, did nothing for the friction, and resharpened the knife their way. I really wish the pivot was as smooth as any of my other good knives. Maybe Ernie has a reason for doing it this way, but I don't see it.

I need to ponder upon the edge of the Commander. I'll try to describe it, but remember I'm no expert and just guessing. The left side of the bevel is kind of steep, maybe eighteen to twenty degrees. And it's done in about 150-200 grit. The right side of the edge is much blunter, maybe 25 degrees, and it's about 2000-4000 grit. It will definitely grab my fingertips. I might have to play with this idea, in my quest for a functional "kirinaga."
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