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Coals to Newcastle.

I would heartily recommend that if you want a knife I do not have in stock, that you should call Joyce at Horizon Sports, 828-884-4302. Her husband goes by the slang name "Nicnac," because 'Nick has the Knack.'

They sell knives to Schwarzenegger and Stallone. Their custom knives show up in movies. Their specialty is switchblades.

So I went to the gym this morning and realized I was in debt to Joyce, and I owed her a solid, which was way past due. I had shipped her my set of pristine Whalers and she was going to use her contacts to get the best price--that, and she walks where I cannot.

So, what could I do? I mulled that over at the gym, and she told me that she was the one who opened the boxes, checked for damages and did the inventory. Once over Christmas they shipped and received 33K of knife deliveries. And Stallone stiffed her on a past due debt.

Because of the incoming traffic, she complained that a knife lasted her one day only. This was something I could do, and I had a new Kershaw Barge in my personal collection that needed a superior polish. Additionally, the prying tool of the butt would allow her to safely remove those sharp copper staples.

While I'm half done (because I cannot sleep soundly), I found it odd I'm sending her a knife. Here's the rational--at 22 degrees you're approaching the edge on an axe, at 15 degrees you're approaching a barber's razor or a scalpel.

I set hers at 18 degrees, sharp, but durable.

Now, regarding the title of this thread. Newcastle is a town in Britain, and they ship a lot of coal, in fact they are the main hub for that in the Empire. You never ship coals to Newcastle because the city is swimming in it. So sending more coals is a fool's errand.

So this 'fool' is sending a knife to woman who trips over knife cartons all day long and more over Christmas. But out of kindness she sent me free better "button activation oil" for switchblades (and you guys will love it, trust me) and I have no idea the hoops she will go through to discuss my Whalers with her top clients.

So, sometime this afternoon my shipment of coals goes to Newcastle...
...No matter where you are it's enemy territory...

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